Monday, December 7, 2009

Stand aside David Beckham...

This was Kollins second year playing soccer. Last year was interesting. I could never loose track of my kid...he was the one with his arms out like an airplane making flying noises as he ran back and forth. Kevin and I are extremly competitive so it was tough just letting him have fun.

Anyways, this year it was incredible how much he's grown. Kollin is soooo quick. He had a great team but was easily one of the fastest. It took him a few games to get aggressive but once he figured out that he could be that way...he was unstoppable!

His coach is also in our ward so Kollin loved talking about soccer with him every Sunday.

This season Kollin made about 3 goals. Of course no picture of it but this is him getting pretty close.

So our camera is shot...I dont think any camera can keep up with how many pictures I take:) My Christmas present this year is a video camera and it's times and activities like this that I get sooooo excited about it.

Excited to be playing defense!

His last game...He's #8 right in front.

Our Super Soccer Star. I wanted a happy picture....

...Kevin wanted a mean one. This is the meanest face my sweet Kollin could give:) We'll have to work on that one!

We're so proud of you Kol! I cant wait for the next round of sports to begin! Him and Kooper are starting Wrestling in February!!!!! Who-hoooo - they sSOOsososO need an outlet to all that crazy energy! Congrats Kollin on an awesome soccer season!

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Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said...

He looks like such a stud... man he's getting big. How fun!