Saturday, December 19, 2009

East and West Coast Snow

For those of you who know me know that I'm an East Coast girl...I love love love the beach. Honestly love really isn't a strong enough word. I could live FOREVER at the beach. I love the green trees everywhere, I love the history and amusement parks, I love how driving down the interstate I can only see 1 mile in front of me because there's so many trees, I miss seeing my extended family who all live in Virginia. I always look forward to visiting there each summer.

Anyways living in Utah I've had to get used to cold cold winters with snow and ice and ohhhh such cold air. I'm okay to admit that I'm a flat out baby in the cold. The past few weeks we've had a few storms come thru leaving quite a bit of snow on the ground.

This was about 4-5 inches that fell a few weeks ago.

This was last Sunday Morning...

We went over to the Golf Course and took the kids sledding. We were the first ones there that day so at first it was tough getting down the hill. Kev and I had to dig a trail with the sleds and ride it a few times so it was slick enough for the kids to go down.

The kids are all much bigger this year and could trek back up the hill on their own (thank goodness!!!). The snow from that weekend has stuck around all week and seeing how we cant get out of the 20's I'm sure it'll be here for a while. The only down side is how dry the snow is here (or wet...I don't know the difference) all I know is its IMPOSSIBLE to make a snow man. I sat out front and tried and tried with the kids and I must really be bad at it because I couldn't even make a ball:( Sad huh.

Anyways so my Mom called me yesterday and told me that they were expecting around 20 inches of VIRGINIA (remember all that talk about it being my pretty green trees and beach state)...well, she wasn't kidding - check this out...

This is in Salem, Virginia where my Mom lives. 19 inches at her house! Good Grief!!!

I sooo wish we could have been there to play in all that powdery fluff with them! And my crafty cute Mom made the most awesome snow lady I've EVER seen...
Ohhh I just. love. it!!!

Guess what...Christmas is in 6 days!!!

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