Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Happy Halloween!

Good Grief! Finally getting these up!! I just added all the pictures and whoa - there's a lot!!!

First, everyone is HEALTHY again!!! Yea!!! Minus a few coughs here and there and Kevin's voice is a little girly still :) but at least we all feel better! Some how in this crazy world Khloe and I got out of it with just a small cold. So - now onto the fun stuff!!!

About two weeks ago we took a really fast trip to Kaysville to visit Paul and Cindy. While we were there we got to visit with his grandparents and Kyle and Stacey.

Sweet Koop holding his cousin Rylan.

Kooper and his Great-Grandpa roasting marshmallows.

Kevin and Khloe by the fire.

Kyle, Stacey and Rylan. (I took the picture thru the smoke so its a little discolored.)

And my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE picture of all...Rylan smilin by the fire:) :) :) Oh just check out those squeezable cheeks!!!

O' Hallo's Eve!

The load of pictures I have coming up needs its own introduction! We did so many activities for Halloween.

Every Wednesday the kids and I go to a great Storytime at the local Library. This week it was a Storytime Trick or Treat. The Library is attached to the county offices so they let the kids get all dressed up and had employees passing out candy throughout the building. Its really simple but super exciting for the kids.'s a little preview of what ours were for Halloween:)

Then on Thursday Kollin and Kaylee had their Halloween parties at school. On Friday we went to Kol's school for his Vocabulary Halloween parade! Each child wore a sign with a new vocab word explaining their costume. Such a good idea and fun for everyone!!

Here's Kollin with his word "Transform".

Then on Friday night Timmy and his family came over to carve some pumpkins. I've been wanting to try this recipe that Cindy found and thought this was a perfect time! We also made some spiders with the Halloween Oreo cookies...

My Halloween masterpiece...A Pumpkin Cake (inside and out!) Using Reese's Pieces for the colors and a Snickers that I kept my eye on all night for the stub. Look at Koops glare -He was drooling just looking at the thing:)

Jaxon diggin in.

Kaylee made me a little nervous with that little knife, but she was determined to cut it herself!

Then mommy stepped in with my crazy knife! Watch out Kol.

After pumpkins Brittany did some braids in my hair to get me ready for our AWESOME costume!!

Now for the costume REVEAL...

Kollin chose Bumblebee Transformer, Kaylee was a Punky Witch, Kooper was GI Joe, and Khloe was a sweet Lady Bug. Kevin and I actually dressed up this year too! Brittany talked me into being a witch with her and I wasn't letting Kevin get out of it so he joined in with Koop! I think we all look pretty cool:)

The Punky Witches...(Kaylee, Me, Madison, Brittany, and Brooklyn)

Our 'Witchy' shot.

Check us girls out!!! I'm so glad Brittany talked me into it 'cuz I had a blast! Those tutus took me 2 days to make, but turned out soooo great!

And our Handsome GI Joes... (Kooper, Kevin, Tim, and Jaxon)

Our Home Away From Home a.k.a the Rec Center had a big Shindig for Halloween. They had a big walk around it where you could trick or treat from vendors around town. And after that you could go inside for a carnival and Haunted House.

Kooper and Jaxon playin dead in the grass outside the Rec Center.

All the kids at the beginning of the Trick or Treat walk. The Rec Center has an outside track (sort of thing) that circles it and that's where they did the Trick or Treat.

While in the Child Care one day the kids got to decorate pumpkins. Kollin entered his pumpkin into the contest they had...I don't think the kids placed but he was pretty excited to see it there!

One of they vendors passing out candy...yeesh check out that spider!!!

Our kids with some of their favorite friends...Grady, Khloe, Kooper, Kollin, Porter, Bryce and Kaylee.

Khloe picking a duck in the carnival inside.

They had a ton of fun games inside. This is Kaylee picking a door. If she picks the one with a witch behind it she gets some candy. Cute!

Kooper playing Pin the Wart on the Witch.

Kollin getting his palm read. She said "Lots of fun and lots of candy are in your future". He was pretty excited!!

Kaylee playin' some bean bag/ghost game...

...and Koops playin a spidery/eye-ball game.

We took most of the kids thru the Haunted House. Kaylee and Kollin refused to go but we got Koop and Khloe inside. Don't judge was kid friendly:)

After the carnival we headed to our wards Halloween Table 'n Treat. Ward members set up tables around the gym that you could snatch some more candy.

They had a few games there for the kids to play. Our little Witches goin' fishin! Check out them witch shoes!!

Then, last we went to a neighborhood and let the kids do some real Trick or Treatin. It started getting chilly so we only did a few.

I got a shot of this one because this only happens in my dreams....this guy was passing out BIG CANDY BARS!!! Not the snack size, not the medium size, but the BIG ones!!! Sweet Khloe gettin one for her awesome Mom that's standing out in the cold just for her;) :) :)

This is not such a good picture but its all of us Trick or Treatin.

Khloe getting some candy at the last house of the night...

Whoa...what fun!! I love blogging about it because its like living it all over again:) Okay so Halloween is done, Thanksgiving is on its when is it too early to put up Christmas Decorations????? Yea!!!!! Happy Halloween!!!

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Stacey & Kyle said...

Oh my goodness...Rylan looks possessed. What a silly picture of him! Love all the Halloween costumes!! Looks like you all had a ton of fun! Can't wait until Rylan is old enough to join in on the fun! Those tutus turned out really good...but holy cow (compared to the short tiny one I made) those had to have taken you forever! They were worth the outfit though! Very nice!d