Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Lots to do...So little time

Man, do I have some blogging to do:( The past month has been crazy fun, but busy busy busy! Kevin has started a new job, the kids and I have been involved in a ton of activities, we've been busy doing projects around the house and hello its the Holidays so my to-do list is out of control!!

So whats to come...Kollin finished soccer, pictures of our refinished kitchen, Thanksgiving with Kev's family, Holly Days, and a few projects that I've FINALLY finished. Tomorrow will be my post for 1 or all of those...but today is too special to think about any of that. Today Kev and I celebrate 8 years of marraige bliss!! Happy Anniversary Babe!!

Lots to do...so little time. Happy December!!

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Janell said...

Hey-- Happy day to you guys! Let me take your kids and go do something fun together.

P.S. We celebrate 8 years next month!