Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just a few goodies...

First a little update on the flu thing...All the boys are good and healthy - Kol goes back to school tomorrow (YEA!). Kev doesn't have a voice but is feeling a lot better and us girls are still hanging on. Unfortunately Kaylee tested positive for it yesterday morning and I've really had a tough time with her temperature. I think the worst part is how sensitive her gag reflex is - Uhhhh....just thinking about it. As soon as I get that antibiotic or Motrin in her mouth everything comes right back up. That sweet thing tries to get to the toilet or sink, but every time has missed. Khloe seems to be okay...I load her with vitamins every morning just praying we'll be able to go trick '0r' treating as a family on Saturday. And me,well I started getting the aches yesterday but thanks to my Mom reminding me of my new BFF "Zicam" I think I might get out of this with just a head cold.

The past few days haven't been that bad. We've done playdo, crafts, movies and Kollin got a crap load of papers from school to keep him busy. One thing we've done a few times over the past few weeks is make these super-duper cute Halloween bags that the kids have given to teachers and cousins.

Kollin started a BBall clinic a few Saturdays ago and is really enjoying it.

Also, a few weeks ago we had Tim's family stay with us for about a week. We had a few cold nights and their heater didn't work in their trailer so they bunked with us. I LOVED it because Kev was gone so I wasn't by myself...Anyways - got off the subject there...while they were here Brittany taught me a few ways to do the girls hair. I'm lovin seeing them all dolled up. Kay has her issues with sitting still, but I'm gotten faster over time so its not as bad anymore.

Before of Khloe (I wish I could leave her hair in curlers all day....soooo cute!):

After of Khloe (the little bum wouldn't stay still for me so all the pictures were blurry of the back):

And my darling Kaylee before:

And after: (sweet little curly kay)

This one is by far my favorite because she doesn't have bangs in her face! Its an upside-down braid. Its taken a few weeks but I've finally got it down on my hair too. Cute-Cute-Cute!!!

So thanks Brittany! We took a quick trip to the city about 2 weeks ago, got to visit with Kev's family and also got to see Kyle, Stacey, and adorable Rylan. I'll get those up soon.

Holy Crap - ITS SNOWING OUTSIDE!!!! Oh my I'm so not ready for the cold again:(


Katrina said...

Girl....I have been thinking about you like crazy. You wouldn't now it would you? Every morning I want to call you but it's too early for Utah. Then my day gets goin' and I'm done for. We haven't even had anything REALLY significant going on...the usual....callings, holidays, etc. We have not even been sick (knock on wood) but life is what it is right. I miss you and loved hearing your sweet voice. I am so glad that half of your family is getting through the bug. OH PLEASE...DON'T COME TO MY FAMILY!! I am planning on updating the blog...lots of catching up to do!!!!

Now We Have Two! said...

I can't believe how big they are...and CUTE too!!! I can't wait to do fun hair stuff like that with Olivia. I hope you all get over that nasty flu soon.

Debra said...

Tell the girls grammy said they look so beautiful!
Wow that looks like a lot of work. They are little princess's.
Love to all!