Sunday, October 25, 2009

We've caught that nasty bug!

What a weekend this has been! Not in ANY sort of good way too...

...Last Thursday Kollin's school teacher called me around lunch time letting me know that he was weak, didn't have much color in his face and couldn't seem to stop crying. When I went to pick him up I asked what was wrong and he said that his head and legs hurt. A HUGE sigh of uhhhhhh on my part because I was sure he had caught some sickness from school. And you ladies out there with more than one child knows that once a sickness comes into the house it NEVER leaves!! Anyways, he rested all afternoon and around bath time I noticed he was having a hard time breathing. So I took his temperature and it came back at a whoppin 103 degrees. I gave him medicine, put him to bed and immediately starting sanitizing EVERYTHING.
Well that night I grew more and more terrified as I couldn't get his temp down and he seriously couldn't breath - wheezing all night. I slept on the floor beside his bed - not wanting to get near any of his germs, but wanting to make sure he was breathing.

So, on Friday morning I called the doctor and ended up sitting in the office for about an hour with ALL 4 kids while they ran some tests on Kol! Insanity!!! That dreaded moment came when the doctor came back in with masks in hand and says that Kollin tested positive for Croup - which explains him not being able to breath, and tells me that he also tested positive for the H1N1 virus. I cant even explain the amount of emotions that went thru my head all at the same time. Thinking of all the terrible stories I've heard about it, oh my gosh what if my other kids catch it, this means I have to stay home and entertain my kids inside for the next week, etc.

So when we got out of the office I called Kev and had a little cry (It was crazy how overwhelmed I got within a few seconds), called his teacher to explain, got him some antibiotics and headed home. I watched him pretty close all day and slowly turned into this "frantic Lysol lady" that had him germX his hands every few minutes, didn't let the other kids get anywhere near him and everything he touched I sprayed! Friday night we all layed to watch a movie when I noticed my craziest child Koop was just laying there - NOT NORMAL FOR KOOP:) So I took his temperature and couldn't believe his was almost 104 degrees. He caught this bug sooo fast! That night was the most stressful, scary night I've ever had. All night I was putting cold rags on Kooper trying to get his temp down and laying with Kollin making sure he could breath (about every hour he'd wake up panting saying he couldn't get any air) and putting cold rags on his head and neck trying to get his temperature down.

We made it thru the night and I took Koop to the doctor in the morning just to find out that he was positive for the H1N1 virus too. Holy Crap - 2 of my kids have this mess...So once again I went to get antibiotics and bought about $50 in Lysol wipes and sprays and medicine. Well, when I got home I went upstairs to tell Kev about Kooper and I noticed that he didn't look so hot.....Uhggggggg!! And to save you from reading another 2 paragraphs - yes Kev is sick too. So all 3 of my boys are horribly sick and us girls are living off of germX and keeping our distance from our poor sickos! I finally got all temperatures down and all the kids layed down so this is the first moment I've had since Thursday afternoon where I could sit down for a few seconds.

As I'm sitting here I can hear Khloe coughin up a storm so that means my quiet time is over :( We'll make it past this I know but I'm going house crazy and the internet is the closest thing I have to the outside world:) :) :) I've got lots of pictures from Kollins BBall clinic and his first couple soccer games and we took a quick trip to the city last weekend that I have a few pictures for. Hopefully I'll have another few minutes during nap time tomorrow to post those. Until then...
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misty said...

Your a trooper! You'll get through it I promise five out of sick of us got it! Knock on wood I didn't catch it taking care of all of them, instead I got a horrible head cold. Two weeks later we are finally all feeling better! Have a better week!

kristin said...

Oh my goodness! Wish I cuold be there to help you out! So scary!!! Hang in there!

Debra said...

Being a mother is a job that we are forever challenged to reach our highest potential of service and dedication to our children. You are doing a great job! My prayers are with you and your family. Love you,