Monday, October 19, 2009

Itty Bitty Ball - Week 3 & 4

Good Grief...somehow I'm 3 weeks behind!
Kooper and Kaylee finished their Itty Bitty Ball in September. The last two weeks were Soccer and Baseball.

Soccer was awesome! They are soooo quick and caught on really fast. Koop is just "little mister speedy" and Kaylee has an awesome power kick!

I thought this was too cute. The kids huddled together.

Soccer was just natural for them both.

Then the last week was baseball. I wanted pictures of this last sport but knew I wouldn't be able to help Kay and Koop, watch Khloe and take pictures at the same time; so a friend from church who took the class with us offered and I was SOOOOO happy!! I was honestly dreading this week. Kooper and baseball bats REALLY don't mix well!! But, after we got started and everyone understood the safe distance that was needed when he was swinging we started having a lot of fun.

Practicing throwing. Once again - LOOK OUT!!!

Koop got soooo excited when he caught the ball in his mint (as he calls it...silly kid for whatever reason cannot say mitt!) Kaylee was obviously shocked:)

Kooper getting his medal and T-shirt.

Super star Kay!

One last cheer.

They were so sad when I explained it was over but soon forgot when I asked for a small photo shoot with their medals and shirts. Ohhhh what sweethearts!! Way to go guys!!!

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Debra said...

I loved these action pictures of kaylee and kooper! I'm glad they are finally old enough to particpate in sports.
Hopefully it will help kooper with all his extra energy.
Thanks for sharing these with a grammy all the way in Virginia who can't be there in person to see all their cut little things they get to do.