Friday, September 4, 2009

Little Miss Preschool Princess!

Yesterday Kaylee started preschool. Ever since Kol started almost 2 weeks ago she has been asking every morning if it was her turn to go to school. A few mornings she'd even get herself dressed faster than Kollin and run out hoping that day was the day. I watched her yesterday morning as she got her shoes on herself, took her braid out (because she wanted her hair to be "culy"), and run to the bathroom to brush her teeth. I just couldn't believe the day had come that I now have 2 kids in school.

{Anxiously awaiting for me to say "its time to go"}

This is her 2nd year but the biggest change is that this year she gets to ride a bus.
We figured because it was preschool that she'd be riding a smaller bus, you know the ones Nursing homes or Bible schools have; but she was ecstatic to say the least when a regular "bigger" school bus pulled up. She almost had to use hands to get up the stairs she was so small on that big ole' thing.

When she got home she was so excited to tell me that her boyfriend was in her class. Of course our walk home came to a STOP as I starting drilling her about WHAT she was talking about. Apparently her boyfriend from the Rec Center is also in her Preschool class.
All I'm thinkin is -
1)you're only 4...
2)we've been going to the Rec Center for almost a year - WHEN did you get a boyfriend...
and 3)I asked her why he's her boyfriend and she responded with a HUGE (I must add) smile on her face "because I like him". Oh CRAP!!! She's only in Preschool and I'm already thinking of lectures I'm gonna give!!!
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Stacey said...

Kaylee you are precious!! That's awesome...and adorable might I add that she already has a "boyfriend." So sweet! :)

kristin said...

Oh my goodness! She's getting so big so fast!!!