Tuesday, September 1, 2009

School is in session!

Last Wednesday my sweet Kollin started First Grade!! It's definitely exciting for him but I've had some mixed emotions about him being gone ALL DAY. I feel like it's the end of an era in some way, that he's growing up so fast and I'm having to open up my arms and let him go into the great big world without ME as his constant companion. :) I guess I'm not quite ready for that yet. But here we are.

He was so excited to go school supply shopping and insisted on having everything the first day of school. Well for any of you that have kids in school that list is HUGE!!! So I had to help him walk in on the first day, which I wanted to do anyways to be able to see his class and meet his teacher. He was in such a hurry to get outside and play before the bell rang that I was practically tugging his shirt just so I didn't have to leave him yet. But after showing me his locker and desk and taking a few pictures with his teacher the bell rang and I knew I had to leave...
Cue the tears!!!! I had to wipe them quickly so I could say goodbye and walk down the hallway without kids looking at me like I was a crazy mom!

We did our daily rec center thing, story time, lunch and nap time so we were busy much of the day. I often found myself looking at the clock and wondering what Kol was doing at that moment. Hoping he was making new friends, hoping he didn't get hurt at recess, hoping he was eating his lunch....you know, all those mommy worries. :) There were even a few times when I was at a store and had a small freak-out moment because I was one kid short:) But when he got home he said he loved school and couldn't wait to do his homework!! (I'll take that as long as I can get it for sure!!) All in all, we survived the first day of first grade! Yay!

This past weekend it was definitely party central. We had a Super Mario Party for Kollin on Friday night with friends from church and cousins and on Saturday we went to Tim's house to celebrate Madison's birthday. Also Kaylee starts Preschool on Thursday and Koop is starting Itty Bitty Ball next week. We've got lots goin on! Summer relaxation is DEFINITELY gone!!!
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