Sunday, September 6, 2009

2 reasons to say Whoo-hoo!!!

1) We just got back from a very quick trip to Salt Lake to be there for Rylans Baby Blessing. It was of course GREAT to get together with family for such a special occasion! Kyle did a wonderful job on the blessing and when I think past the complete chaos that it was without a church bag full of toys and snacks it was a very spiritual moment that brought back great memories of when Kevin blessed our kids.

{With 9 kids we headed to Outback for some YUMMY dinner!}

{I caught this super cutie picture of Rylan this morning before church! Such beautiful big brown eyes!!}

{The man of the day! What a sweet picture of him in his blessing outfit!}

{Kyle, Rylan and Stacey. Cute litl' fam picture:)}

{The whole gang that came for the blessing.}

{Kyle, Stacey, Rylan, my family - minus Kev:(, our cousin Kathryn and Tim's family.}

{I just cant get enough of that boy!! My kids grew up sooo fast so I'm living vicariously thru Stace:)}

Before we left we got a shot of Rylan and his cousins who are anxiously waiting for him to be big enough to join in on all the fun:)

Such a good weekend! And now...
...The 2nd reason to say Whoo-hoo...

We have two new additions to our already crazy loud family:)

Introducing -

Koda and Kassie Ashcraft (K names of course)!!!

We've been debating on getting a dog for a while...A dog! Well one afternoon I was at Walmart with the kids and we were walking to the car when I heard someone yell to the kids "do you want to pet some puppies?". As the kids ran over there I was immediately trying to think of nice ways to say no or somehow blame it on Kevin who was working at the time (I don't do that a lot but I was really desperate!). Honestly as soon as I saw these things I REALLY wanted one. Knowing that I should talk to Kev first and knowing that I couldn't get up with him the kids looked at me and obviously did a WONDERFUL job at begging!! (And Kollin reminding me of course that they were FREE!!)

Well I decided to just get the boy. So we walked back into Walmart to get some dog food and when we came out someone had taken the rest of the litter except for the boy we wanted AND his little sister. As soon as I saw that she was all by herself I just couldn't leave her alone - so I got both!

Its been really fun all except the potty training part. I DON'T/WON'T have a house that smells like dogs, so the next few days was strictly to house and potty train these dogs! MAN - kids are soOSOOSOSsoooo much easier!! I've had them for 4 days, taken them on their first trip (to the city for Rylans blessing) and I think we're finally making some progress. Its all about Routine, Routine, Routine!

The kids have LOVED them. Scratch that - Kaylee and Kollin have loved them. Koop and Khloe get this look of fear and terror in their eyes as soon as they see the dogs. They'll come around eventually!

This was while we were waiting for Kay's bus. Kaylee's holding Kassie (she has a white dot on her head) an Kollin is holding Koda (he has a white strip across his head).

{This is to show just how small they are.}

{Cuddliest, sweetest things. This is Kassie with Koda leaning on her.}

{Koda's favorite spot - under our couch!}

Things are constantly changing in our home but it keeps us on our toes! I still need to post about Kollins party two weeks ago! So, check back soon for that!!

Yea for puppies!!!
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Katrina said...

Oh my goodness....PUPPIES!!! TWO OF THEM???!!!! You are amazing Chrissy! I love that the pups have each other to keep company though...It makes me so sad to think of them being left alone while running errands and stuff.
They sure are cute...and Rylan is adorable!!

Stacey said...

I can't wait until Rylan is big enough to start interacting with all of his crazy cousins! It was soo good to have you all there for the special day! And I'll have to admit that your puppies are pretty sweet...and I'm definitely not a dog person!! :)

Debra said...

I love the pictures of all my grandchildren. I was there in heart! I love you all!!!!