Saturday, September 26, 2009

Itty Bitty Ball - Week 1 & 2

Kaylee and Kooper are in this super cute program at the Rec Center called Itty Bitty Ball. Its for kids ages 3-5 and they get to try a different sport each week. The first week they did Basketball. We go to the rec a lot and play this as a family so the dribbling and shooting came almost natural for them.

Kaylee practicing dribbling.

"Killer Kool" Kooper taking a shot. Yes - he is AWESOME at basketball but the net is lowered a little for them:)

Kaylee is very athletic but is soooo uncoordinated so this has been GREAT for her to work on!

Kay practicing with the Hula Hoop.

Passing. This was HULARIUS!!!!! For some reason the kids close their eyes as the ball comes to them so it completely knocks them out! I tried to get koop to keep his eyes open, but he physically cant do it! So funny!

Then this last week was Tennis. I don't have as many pictures because this was definitely a hands on sport with them. Its tough for a 3 and 4 year old to be able to hit a moving ball with the racket so they really needed my help with this sport.
Well - Kaylee did. Koop on the other had needed my discipline! He's a sports fanatic and gets a little carried away. He couldn't hold back so he'd swing the racket like a bat and had to practice in the corner (away from all the other kids) the whole time.


The coach calls Khloe his little Itty Ball Superstar. He asked if I was going to sign her up next year and I had to explain that she's still 1. He was floored because she was able to do most of the drills that all the other kids were doing. She acts so big...sometimes I forget that she's still 1.

We finished decorating for Halloween and Fall today. The kids decided where to put the decorations outside - they actually did GREAT! We had barely moved here last Halloween so we didn't do decorations. I cant believe that we've lived here for an entire YEAR already! Also, I've been working on a few things around the house lately - the biggest change is that I added molding around our windows!! MYSELF!! Yea - I'm awesome:) They turned out so great that I took pictures. But I haven't downloaded those yet or I'd show ya you'll just have to check back soon:) :)

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Debra said...

The kids are so cute as always..wish I could see them do more in person...but the pictures sure help me enjoy their many moments, so thanks for keeping this site up! I love you aall!