Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happenings and Trip to Colorado

Fall is here YEA!! It has been marvelous here for almost two weeks. I mean so marvelous that I haven't had to turn on the air condition for 2 weeks!!!! Leaves are changing, school is going great, kids have started their sports and other activities and did I mention how beautiful the weather has been:) Well, we've had just a tad bit of fun this past week...

Kollin had Pirate Day at school where he learned how to talk like a pirate, walk like a pirate and hunt for treasure like pirates. They let them dress up that day so he was stoked!!

When he got home that day he said his Pirate name that his class gave him was "Captain Funny"! Fits him to a tee!! When he gets into character for something - he really goes all the way!

"Captain Funny" on Pirate Day.

This past Saturday we went out to Ashley Creek with Tim and his family. There was more water than expected but of course the kids loved it.

I LOVE these two pictures of Ali! She is just the cutest little thing!!

Tim trying to cross the river.


Kaylee and Kollin.

Kollin, Madison, Brooklyn and Kooper throwing sticks into the river.

On Sunday the kids and I headed to Glenwood Springs, Colorado to visit Kevin. He has been working A TON lately and we missed him soooo much. So instead of him taking a few days off, we went to see him for a day. He only had Monday off so the kids and I got to the hotel on Sunday night. He worked over night Sunday and came straight to the Hotel on Monday morning and spent the day with us. It was so nice to see him but made it soooo much harder to leave!

The kids and I had a ball in the hotel. Eating take out and watching the Disney Channel...Heaven in their eyes!

Kev got off of work Monday at 5:30 a.m. and got to the Hotel by about 6:45 and we played all day. Its a super small town so there wasn't much to do, but we got to go to the park, help Kev wash his greasers and got to go see where he works and stays.

It was the MOST amazing place! He's pretty close to Aspen Colorado so its deep in the Mountains and this time of year its simply GORGEOUS!!! I almost felt like I was back east with all the trees changing colors. We were driving along this beautiful river and winding thru the trees and over mountains then all of a sudden...there's his rig! Its in such a weird place!
{See that thing in the middle of the picture! That's his rig! How LUCKY IS HE!!! I would do just about anything to be staring at these amazing mountains and trees everyday!}

It was really nice to see where he works everyday. But the coolest part (I think) was when we drove to the Lodge that they stay at. I'm not kidding-AMAZING!!! It was about 30 minutes down this dirt road again winding thru trees and hills, then it opens up to the Lodge. cute is this place -

This is the view that he gets to wake up to EVERY morning!!!

It even snowed a little that day which is CRAZY to me that its already that time again:( The day went by soooo fast but it was so worth it! I'm so greatful how hard he works to support our family and cant imagine how hard it is for him to be away so much. I get all emotional when I think too much about it so lets look at some more pretty scenery!! :) :) Its too bad its hours away or I just might be there every weekend!!

I have some super cute pictures of Kooper and Kaylee at their Itty Bitty Ball. They did Basketball last week and this week it was Tennis. COMICAL!! Those will be up soon!!
YEA FOR FALL!!!!!!!!

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Debra said...

Beautiful place to work, but I know you miss all the family Kevin. Thanks for all you do to keep the family going financially and thanks Christy for holding everything together on the home front when he is gone. That's what it's all about. Love you all.