Monday, September 28, 2009

Window Fix-up and Halloween Decor

Okay so first here are the pictures of the molding that I added to the front windows. It was SOOOO much fun and I think it turned out really really good.

Before: (Ugggg)

After: (Ohhhhh. I. Just. Love. It.)

There are a few touch ups that need to be done but it was as simple as buying molding at Lowe's only 4.53 a stick (not the technical term but I'm not sure what they call it), marked off where I wanted the corner to be, stuck it in my handy dandy Mitre Saw and cut away!! Easy as Pie:)

I'm really not bragging :) but look how perfect the corners are!!!! Sooooo happy!!! Only please, please don't judge my nailed in curtain rod. There's gotta be a stud there or SOMETHING stronger than me because I COULD NOT get the drill to go in. So I just hammered the heck out of it:) That'll be a honey do for when Kev gets back:) Oh and one of those touch ups I was talking blinds are a completely different color - so that'll be next weeks spray paint job for sure:)

Another thing we've done lately is decorate for Halloween. L.O.V.E. this time of year!!! Halloween decor, then Fall decor, then my FAVORITE Christmas decor!!!
The kids helped figure out what and where to put things outside! I think they did great!

When I was visiting Stacey in Salt Lake we went to Tai Pan Trading (so glad I live 3 hours from that place!!! It would definitely break my bank) I found this sign half off and just HAD to get it. Oh how it describes my home:) :) :)

Not the most horrific but it'll do:)

Also this last Saturday night I had Tim and Brittany's kids over to paint some pumpkins. I love seeing all their little creativeness come out!

Madison, Brooklyn, and Kaylee.

Cutie. Patutie Alli!

And last - there's a haunting cold that wont LEAVE my house so we stayed home from church on Sunday. We really needed something healthy to make us all feel better so for breakfast we made fruit kabobs! Mmmmm!!! Poor Koops hand was almost bloody afterwards from prickin' it but they really LOVED doin' this!

Check out sweet Khloe - so into it:)

The BEST part -


Katrina said...

Yet talented! I love your windows...and the fruit kabobs...what a grand idea to get kids to eat lots of fruit. Miss yoU!

The LeNeave's said...

I love the fruit kabobs! My kids would love them! Off to the store, I shall go!

Stacey said...

Looks like fun!! Wish I could be there to join in!! Where do you find the energy! :)