Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kollins Super Mario Party!

Oh me, Oh my what a party this was! Kollin turned 6 almost 3 weeks ago (yeah - Im wayyyy behind!!) For whatever reason we do the theme thing for birthdays. Im hoping that one day real soon they'll be out of that because its seriously getting harder and harder.

For Kol's 6th birthday he wanted a Super Mario Party! We live in such a small town that we only have two stores where we could buy party supplies and neither Wal-mart nor Kmart carried Super Mario. So off to the internet I went just to find out that they wanted me to pay over $100 just for supplies. Then I'd have to buy a pinata, buy a cake, presents...this could have been a serious bill. So, I made a deal with Kollin that I would do Super Mario but I was going to MAKE everything myself!!!

From my BFF Photoshop CS2 - our homemade invitation:

We had quite a gang with cousins, friends from church and Paul and Cindy came out too. All-in-all we had 13 kids there!

{enjoying some pizza before the games!}

First things first - I had (thought it would be fun) to have some sort of Mario costume for the kiddos and hats just seemed the easiest. They all got to take them home too. The boys got to choose from Luigi or Mario and the girls of course got princess hats.

After the pizza and everyone had their hats we started our games. First - we played Coin Stomp. Kev and I blew up like 50 balloons and placed a gold coin in each (some had two). If any of you have ever played Super Mario Party you'll understand...the kids had to run around the room and sit on the balloons to pop them and get the coin out. The girl and boy with the most coins after all the balloons were popped got a prize!

Incredibly chaotic and loud, but super crazy fun!!

I wanted the kids to have something to keep all their coins and treasures they got from the party so I found these bags at Wal-mart, cut out pictures of Mario and other characters, glued them on and wha-la!!

Our next game was Yoshi's Bash. This was SOO tedious but turned out great! I found directions for this on You Tube. I got all the yoke out of these eggs, filled them with confetti, put a gold star in half of them, closed up the hole, colored green circles on them and I had Yoshi Eggs!! How fun!!!

I painted this picture of Yoshi - I am FAR from an artist but I think the kids got the point:)

We made a line and each child got to throw one of my pretty Yoshi Eggs at Yoshi. When the egg busted open they had to search for the Gold Star. Note: if you play a game like this - do this OUTSIDE!! Super messy! If you get a Gold Star you get a prize!

{sweet Adilan (friend from church) Bashin Yoshi!}

{Jaxon looking for his Star}

Our last game was the Chain Stomp Pinata! Once again-this is homemade! It really was fun to make and took days to dry so of course when I saw it getting smashed and beat up it hurt a little! But the kids had fun. Unfortunately for the older kids we have about 4 SUPER STRONG 3 year olds and they busted right thru that thing!

{Bryce (friend from church) showin his bag of goodies!}

After all the crazy games we enjoyed Ice cream cone cupcakes and presents.

Kev and Khloe.

Khloe showin her love for the candy from the pinata!

In the favor bag I had this coloring book that I made from pictures I found on the internet, a book mark that my BFF photoshop helped me make :) and some bubbles with a picture of Mario that I glued around it.

It was a wonderful party and turned out great considering how frugal it was!

Me and the birthday boy!!

The party was on a Friday Night and his real birthday was on Sunday. We did just a simple but sweet celebration for him on Sunday.
Kollin in his Mario jammies from his cuz'ins.

Enjoying his ABSOLUTE favorite breakfast...Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls. I usually have to stop him after he's eaten 5 or 6 of these things, but today I just let him have at 'em.

There were only a few things he was really, really wanting and thanks to good 'ole Ebay I found them pretty cheap. The new Super Mario Bros. Game for his DS and Mario Party 8 for our Wii.
Both of these were gifts for Kev too! (Not really, but him and Kol love playing video games together.)

I simply love and adore my sweet Kollin. I'm not ready for him to be so big:( I feel like the past few years have come and gone. I remember when he turned 3 and the big Superman party we had; now here we are 3 years later. Kol is so smart and comes home from school telling me the hardest thing he did that day was try to defeat the Monkey bars. He doesn't want me to read him books at night anymore - he wants to read them to me!! I love his determination and ability to figure things out. I'm constantly in some sort of debate or argument with him because he's already figured out how to out-smart his MOM!! He loves "his shows" and spelling tests on Fridays. I find myself asking him to do more things around the house to help me and rarely does he ever whine or complain. He is definitely my super Kollin! And we love him more than these words can describe!!

Happy Birthday Kol - we love you love you love you love you love you!!!!


Stacey said...

Oh my goodness are out of control!! What a party!! It looks like you put A LOT of work and time into it...wouldn't it have just been easier to pay the hundred dollars over the internet. :) But then again, I'm sure it would not have been as much fun! Kollin is so lucky to have such an awesome, creative, and fun mom! I loved the games and all the décor (piñata & yoshi eggs)!! You are too resourceful! I love it!!

Katrina said...

Seriously....AMAZING! What a lucky little boy to have such an amazing MOM! I love all of the games that you MADE. They looked like so much fun and just incredible. I SO wish that we lived closer....Happy Birthday Kollin!

The LeNeave's said...

Your party looks like so much fun. You will have to come do my kids. Nora wants a race car one for her birthday and I dont even know where to begin.
Happy Birthday Kollin!

Debra said...

Grammy wishes she could have been there. Great job Christy helping everyone have so much fun!

Mikael said...

This must be one of the most awesome ideas for a birthday party i have seen. Wow, im just blown away on how epic it is.

Will be borrowing some of the ideas, if you don't mind that.

Thomgrlisdebra said...

I found your blog by accident while looking for Super Mario party ideas.

Your ideas were awesome! I, too, would like to make most of the decor for my son's party this coming April.

I really loved your party favors and the neat ice cream cone cupcakes.

We never know how creative we can be until our kiddos need us, eh?

God Bless!

Deb Thomas