Monday, July 6, 2009

Virginia Beach, VA

While the kids and I were in Virginia we did lots of fun activities, but I thought for organization sake I'd do the biggest things first. Fathers Day weekend my Mom, the kids and I took a trip to Virginia Beach. I lived there when I was a teenager and took the beach for granted not going very often. Now, back in Utah I would give anything to be there again!!

The kids and I went down on Friday to spend the night and visit with a wonderful old friend of mine Katrina and her beautiful family. It's been almost 5 years since I saw her and it was sooo nice visiting and letting our kids play!

Then, on Saturday morning my Mom met us down at the beach and what a fun day we had!! Boogie boarding, building sand castles, getting burnt...every lovely thing that comes with the beach.

{This is when we first got there. And it was the last time Khloe got ANYWHERE near the water. A very small wave knocked her off the boogie board and she didn't want anything else to do with the water.}

{Case and point:) :) Every time a wave would crash she would scream louder and louder the closer it got.}

{Kaylee loved chasing the waves but refused to go in the water past her ankles.}

I love getting pictures with my kids because I'm usually the one behind the camera, but this didn't turn out so good. My mom tried everything to get Khloe to look at the camera but she would not take her eyes off the water...I cant describe enough how completely freaked out she was of those waves.

{This is the best we got.}

{Kollin and Kooper saw my Mom and I catch a few waves on the boogie board and wanted to try but NOT by themselves. We improvised and they loved it! This is Kollin and I.}

{Koop and I. I was so glad they stayed on my back the whole time. I was afraid they'd wipeout and never want to do it again. Yea!!}

{My Mom catchin a wave}

{The kids playing in the water...notice NO Khloe!}

{That's because she's enjoying the view from where the water CANT touch her:) :) :)}

That night we met with my Mom's friend Colleen and had sooo much fun on the boardwalk. We rented one of these bikes and went from one end of the boardwalk to the other and just laughed the whole time. Next time we'll be renting some jet skiis but this was just the perfect day!!

Tomorrow I'll have a bunch of pictures from our trip to Water Country in Williamsburg!!
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Debra said...

Ahhh!! What - a full picture of me in a bathing suit! Next time I need to sit down and you just get a head shot...ok.
Though at the time ...I just enjoyed having fun with the kids. We needed more beach time...maybe next year!
Thanks for the memories!