Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Water Country USA

My Mom took the kids and I to Water Country USA in Williamsburg. When I was a teenager our family would get seasons passes to Busch Gardens and Water Country every summer, but this was especially fun seeing my kids enjoy the same things I did.

When we got there it was SUPER busy but slowly died down by early afternoon. The kids LOVED the wave pool. Much cleaner and safer than the beach I think, so I loved it too!!

{Kollin, Kooper and Kaylee}

{As you can tell the crowd really died down by that afternoon, so the kids just went crazy in the waves}

{My beautiful children}

It took Khloe a little while to warm up to waves again. She was traumatized the day before at the beach, but eventually (as you'll see later in a video) she ended up loving the water!)

{She WOULD NOT let go of me and I was just getting trampled by those waves. During my hideous wipe outs she was just giggling away.}

Kollin was big enough to go on all the rides. This one was his favorite.

Kollin, Kaylee, Kooper and I raced down the Nitro Racer. I was sooo proud of these guys for going down a ride so steep!

{Sweet little Freckle Face Khloe}

{Kaylee getting more and more brave with the water}

{Kollin, Kaylee and I. I don't know if you can tell on Kaylee's face, but she was TERRIFIED!!! This was one of those rides where you're in a dark tunnel the whole time and she obviously didn't like it:)}

My Mom was so sweet to watch Kaylee, Kooper and Khloe for me so that Kollin and I could go ride some "Big Kid" rides. What could make a child happier in the sweltering heat than a nice cool popsicle!

The longer we were at the park the more and more nervous I got about the kids. They weren't afraid of anything by the afternoon. Especially Khloe.

{Kollin and Kaylee on a ride together}

{Kollin drenching Khloe}

Okay, so this video is just an example of how comfortable Khloe got to the water. And those darn life jackets were so big on her!

The next day we headed to Busch Gardens. That will be tomorrow!!
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