Monday, July 6, 2009

Safety First While Potty-Training!!

There is soSOSOOsoso much to blog about! The past 3 1/2 weeks the kids and I have been in Beautiful Virginia visiting my family and simply had a blast!!! I cant believe how many things we crammed into those couple weeks. I'm gonna try and post something every night so I can share all the fun we had!! BUT......

This I just couldn't wait to scream out-loud...I am extremely sad (because she's supposed to be my "baby"), but soo excited to say that for the past two days my sweet little baby Khloe has been potty trained!! She has both pooped and peed (I know too much info!) both days!! We are sooo excited and proud of her. She is a mere 19 months and is growing faster that I can blog:)

{"Seriously Mom - put the camera down!!!"}

Such a sweet and silly sound of excitement when she realized that she was peeing and I swear I scared her the first time it happened because I was so excited. By the end of the day she was clapping for herself! Sooo PROUD!!

All day she walked around in her shirt and undies...yes a tad bit GHETTO but its much easier only having one layer of clothing. And I didn't let her get to far.

{What a goober! Thought this was just too cute...Safety first while potty-training!!}

Way to GO KHLOE!!!!!

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