Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Enjoying the East Coast

The kids and I have been in Virginia visiting my family for the past week and my gosh...what a week we've had. We left Utah last Monday morning and got to Virginia by 2 a.m. Wednesday morning. We have been non-stop since then. Trips to the pool, sleep overs with cousins, playing at the Lake...we've had a blast. I have a ton of pictures so I'll just let them tell the story!

{This is Cierra and Kaylee eating a yummy fruit pizza. They we're born a week apart from each other and are soooo sweet when they get together. Lots of girlie fun!!}

My Aunt and Uncle have this great community pool behind their house. Its got a beach type entrance and is just the greatest place for the kids to get together and play!

{Koop tryin to get the camera all wet}

{Khloe and Kim just splashin away}

{Khloe, Kaylee, Kollin, cousin Cierra, cousin Thomas, and cousin Wes lounging}

The second day we went to the pool there were scattered showers and most of them we dodged but one small storm got us for a few minutes.

{All the kids (and adults) waiting out the storm}

{Charging back into the pool after the storm passed}

{I saved Khloe on this one...I called Koops name for the picture right before he got her with the water gun. It looks like he had a straight shot to the face!}

{Kollin taking a shot...its so funny how they were the goggles even when their running around.}

{Kollin hiding from the camera.}

{My sweet, freckly little Khloe}

{Khloe sun-bathing.}

{Goofy little Koop!!! I think he's got the protection down....Life vest -- Check, goggle -- Check, water raft -- Check!!

On Saturday afternoon we met my Uncle Roy and his family at Smith Mountain Lake for a few hours on a pontoon boat. If you're ever in South West Virginia and want a day on the lake...this is the place to be!!! Its gorgeous!!

{Kooper, Kim, and Kollin}

{I don't know how to explain this picture...This is Khloe's personality -goofy/yet strange/but simply adorable!!}

{Me and Khloe going for a swim}

{Khloe and Grammy (my mom) splashing around}

{Kollin and Kooper}

{I thought this picture was so sweet....all my 4 kids together!}

Kollin and I also got to try the inner-tube together. I don't think this thing was designed for 2 people and we didn't have the right boat to pull us, but we were going to try it anyways. I tried my hardest to keep my cool so that Kollin didn't get scared but as soon as I knew I was going down it didn't last very long.

{Me and Kollin...holding on for dear life as our tube was going UNDER water because the boat wasn't fast enough.

{I tried to laugh a little...you know, trying to get past the burning in my arms from holding on so tight and just knowing I was going in the water really, really soon! Notice my son doesn't have a hint of fear....Yea right!!! Poor thing was terrified!! HILARIOUS!!}

{We knew it was coming!}

{We played on the little beach there for a few minutes before we left}

Kevin had to stay home for work and we miss him MORE THAN ANYTHING. We're really enjoying the time with my family and are keeping as busy as possible! This weekend we're heading to the beach so there will definitely be more pictures. Check back soon!
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So fun! Glad you're having a blast!