Saturday, July 11, 2009

Everyday Excitement!

It was so nice the kids being in a different atmosphere for a few weeks. The same routine gets a little old after a while, but while we were in Virginia it seems like something fun and exciting happened EVERYDAY!!

{Between the pool, basketball and playing with cousins we spent lots of time at my Uncle Teds house}

One night after some yummy snow cones my Mom took the kids down the river to put their feet in...of course my kids put more than just their feet in!!
{Khloe...I'm not sure whats with the belly, but what a sweetheart!}

{The kids splashing with rocks.}

{Kollin trying to get to the other side of the river. This was after he realized the water was going waaayyy too fast!}

{My boys exploring}

We also got the chance to go bowling with my Mom when she took her Residents from work.
{Super Kooper!!}

I think one of the biggest accomplishments that happened while we were there was that Khloe learned to swim (with floaties of course). Before this she would either hang out on the side or hang onto me for dear life!!

I just LOVE this video!! She did this screaming thing every time she realized her feet weren't touching the ground. So sweet! Wohoo Khloe!!!

{Sweet Cierra and Kaylee. These girls were just the best of friends.}

Another afternoon my Grandma took us to the river to feed these CRAZY hungry geese! So hungry that one of them got a little close to Khloe and took the piece of bread right out of her hand. Immediately she threw the piece of bread she had in her other hand at the geese and took off running and screaming. Her personality is just hilarious!

THEN, while calming Khloe down I hear a scream and ANOTHER geese snipped Kaylee's finger while she was trying to feed them.

A few nights before we left we went to the Salem Red Sox game. This is my Mom and a few of the Residents from her work. The kids had a great time but I think were more interested in the popcorn and cracker jacks.

One morning we went to my Moms work and the kids got to make some t-shirts.

My how hot and humid those Virginia Summer days can get! We had lots of Popsicle moments, however I think this one is my favorite!!!

{Kim playing with the kids outside}


One night before we left my Mom got some fireworks for the kids and ended up catching the attention of all the neighbors, so we had a mini block party!
{Khloe doing sparklers}

{We had all the cousins over for one last sleep over too, so it was a fun way to say goodbye to family and Virginia!}

{We had lots of sleepovers. The boys watching Transformers and Kaylee and Cierra were in another room watching a "girlie" movie!}

The last thing we did before we made the long trek back was we met my Dad and Denise near Lexington, VA and went to the Safari there. That should be the last post of our trip and then its on to 4th of July in Vernal!!
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Debra said...

It was so wonderful having you for several week. We did a lot of things in a short amount of time, considering I had to work and do a conference. But I enjoyed every minute of spending time with you and the children. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in August again!
You are a wonderful Mom and do so many things with your children! They have experienced a lot of things at such a young age.
Keep living life to the fullest!