Saturday, July 11, 2009

Busch Gardens

There are so many pictures to post from our next stop in Virginia - Busch Gardens! I'm just going to let the pics do the talking...

{Kollin and Kaylee.}

{My Mom and Kollin. It was such a fun day for Kollin especially...except for the newest roller coasters he was able to ride almost everything. I even got to take him of Big Bad Wolf!}

{This is my Mom and Khloe in the most recent kids park...Sesame Street. My Mom was amazing at helping me with the kids here. I was excited to take them but a little leary because of the crowds. She made the day sooo much easier!}

{All my kids on a ride with Grammy}

{We took a break and went to see the 4-D Sesame Show. It was pretty comical watching Kaylee and Kollin really get scared and actually ducking their heads a few times because of the 4-D.}

{Khloe and Kooper on a kiddie ride. This was Khloe's first ride all by herself and what a pain-in-the-butt it was!! They had to stop the ride twice because she kept getting out of the boat.}

{At Octoberfest Kaylee was chosen to go up and dance. She did such a great job in front of sooo many people!}

{All the kids doing "The Chicken Dance"}

{My Mom and Kollin in the Bumper Cars}

{Kooper in complete heaven realizing that he can run into people and NOT get in trouble!}

{Khloe, me and Kooper riding the Carousel}

{My Mom was AWESOME and watched my kids for a few minutes so I could try the new Roller Coaster "Griffon". I sat on the FRONT row so that I could wave to the kids when I came down that 205 foot straight drop. This thing was CRAZY!!!! And was the SCARIEST thing I've done in a long time...but was totally worth the shakes that I had for about 30 minutes afterwards.}

We had such a great weekend in Williamsburg and Virginia Beach! I SERIOUSLY cant wait til I can go back!
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