Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cheerleading Camp '09

Kaylee got to do the Unitah Ute's Cheerleading Camp this year again with Brooklyn and Madison. They spent 3 days learning a cheer and dance then they got to be on a float in the Pioneer Day Parade! Here's our 3 Cheerleaders...Brooklyn, Kaylee and Madison.

Here they are in the parade. Kay was soooo excited and said she waved to people the whole time! (I added a purple arrow for Madison and a white arrow for Kaylee so you could find them in the crowd of red shirts!)

Adorable little Allie enjoying the parade.

Khloe and Kooper waving to the dinosaur.

After the parade the girls went to this outdoor auditorium to perform the dances they learned. This is their whole group.

Kaylee and Madison were in the same group and I'm soooo glad that Kaylee had a buddy to be with! Madison is on the Left of the cheerleader in the front and Kaylee is on the Right. They did such a great job in front of a pretty big crowd!

After the performance.

We practiced the cheer at home so much that even Kollin and Khloe got it down:)

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Stacey said...

Although Kaylee had a buddy already to cheer with... it'll be so fun the day that her and Khloe will be in something like that together. Khloe's following after her sisters footsteps (and she's pretty good at it too). :)