Sunday, August 2, 2009

This is a tough one...

...because every time I look at these pictures I get sad 'cuz their growing so fast and excited 'cuz I'm so proud of them and scared 'cuz they just look too little to be doing this all by themselves. SERIOUS emotional roller coaster!!

But I'll have a quick proud moment to show you an accomplishment that 3 - yes 3 of my kids have achieved in the past two weeks!!!

No More Training Wheels!!
{Kollin learned first...}

{...then it was Kaylee's turn...she started at Kev's parents house on a neighbors bike and when we got home she had it down by the end of the day!!}

{...then my amazing 3 year old just had to do what his older brother and sister were doing. After SERIOUSLY 3 pushes Kooper was long gone (sniff-sniff). I'm just so proud}

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Stacey said...

That is crazy they all learned so fast! Is that the normal age? Why do I recall learning to ride a bike when I was like 8? Good for them!! How fun!! :)