Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summertime at the Lake

A couple weeks ago we went to Salt Lake to visit with family. It was really nice visiting with some of Kevin's cousins, aunts and uncles...I thought I knew most everyone on his side and then I went to a family get together and only recognized about half the people. We visited with his Aunt and cousins from California and so many others from around Utah. They had this pool party at a Club House and I have no excuse as to why I don't have any pictures! But no fear...I have pictures of some other things we did that week.

I always look forward to going to the city and seeing my sister Stacey (who by the way is due in 2 weeks!!! WOHOOO!!) It was so nice visiting with her at the Gateway while the kids were playing in the shooting water.

When we got back home we headed to the Lake with Tim and Brittany's family.

{Kooper and his favorite weapon. Don't be fooled by that innocent smile:) }

{Kaylee and Khloe}

{Sweet Allie feeling the water}

Khloe burns like CRAZY so we have to both apply sunscreen 3-4 times and try our hardest to keep her out of direct sunlight as much as possible. Here she is in her little "Khloe Fort".

So, I'm a complete DI (Deseret Industries) junkie and while we were at the Lake we ran into the manager of the DI in Vernal. Is it a bad thing when the manager of a store recognizes you?! Well he happened to be spending the day with his family at the lake and pulled up beside us with his boat and offered to take the kids out for a ride. How sweet huh:) :)

{Here's Brooklyn and Madison on the raft}

{Timmy and Jaxon}

{The 3 sweetest girls in the entire world...Brooklyn, Kaylee and Madison}

It took about 2 minutes before the boat ride put Khloe to sleep! Oh, how nice it would be to take a nap whenever and where ever I wanted:) :)

{Madison, Kollin and Brooklyn}

I grew up with cousins around and am totally LOVING my kids being able to grow up with their cousins too! What a fun day!!
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