Friday, June 5, 2009

Alpine Park

So this was absolutely the funnest day!! In Park City they have this Alpine Park where there's only 3 big rides, but they are just the best 3 rides I've been on. You ride the Chair-rail up to the top of the mountain and go on either the Alpine Slide or the Zip Line.

The Alpine slide was crazy fun! Seriously!! You go so fast (I mean you're going down a mountain!) and somehow stay on this little track they have. There was a few times that we went airborne!! The kids just hung on for dear life.

{that's Colleen, Mom and Kim going up}

{Kim and Kollin coming down}

Or there's the Zip Line. This is a HORRIBLE picture of me, but the kids were all excited to see me go down so I was trying not to show my terrible fear of heights! But once I was down I looked up the mountain and couldn't believe that I just practically flew down it and of course wanted to go over and over again.

At the base of the Mtn. there's a kiddie park with lots of fun rides for the kids to enjoy. It was so fun actually seeing Khloe ride them! Its really sad, but so funny that my 4 kids took up almost all the seats on every ride except for the carousel!

They also had unlimited Putt-Putt golf and a huge maze the kids went thru. Well, I should say Kollin and Kaylee went thru...Kooper got freaked out and just crawled under the walls till he was out!

The other ride they had -which was my absolute favorite- was the Alpine Coaster. These things RIPP!!! Zig-zagging all the way down. I rode it with Kooper and he was just giggly the whole time. Ohhhh, so much fun!!!

Before we left the kids got to do this trampoline jumping thing. We were practically the only ones there so the people working let the kids stay on so long!

The only down side about the day was we didn't prepare for the weather. We heard it was going to be cloudy, but didn't see a cloud in the sky all day. Every one of us got completely FRIED! My little Khloe is just now healing from her blisters that she got on her shoulders. Poor thing!

Simply Gorgeous!!!

Ready to go! Look at my terrible farmers tan. I'm still working on getting rid of that thing!

As we headed out of the park my Mom got all the kids some Ice cream. Yum, Yum!!

We were sooo terribly sad to say goodbye to my Mom and Colleen after this, but we were excited that my sister Kim could stay out in Vernal with us for another two weeks. Its been really fun having her around. She's soo good with my kids and they just love her! So next is going to be some pictures of Kollin first T-ball game and a hike that we took with Timmy and his family.
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