Thursday, June 4, 2009

Crazy fun in Salt Lake City!

After the Flaming Gorge we all headed to Salt Lake City to play at the awesome Discovery Museum. Stacey had free tickets to get in which was the best deal EVER seeing that we had 8 kids we were going to have to pay for! Its the funnest way to spend an afternoon. The kids just have a complete blast!!

{Jaxon, Brooklyn and Kollin putting balls in the tube things(???). It sucks the balls up and go in all sorts of directions above your head.}

{Jaxon, Khloe and Kim. Its even fun for a 19 year old:) :)}

{Khloe the Police Officer. She was HILARIOUS on this thing. Didn't even care who or what she ran into as long as she was moving!!}

{LOOK OUT!!! Khloe and Kooper at the wheel!}

{Khloe going for a ride. We have horses by our house and she wont go anywhere near them, but the fake ones she adores!!}

{Kollin said he was practicing so he can be the "register person" at a real grocery store.}

{Kooper shopping}

{They had this dress-up play area. I'm not exactly sure what the kids are, but they had fun putting on their own skit!}

{Khloe was adorable in this little cow/monster costume...this picture just doesn't do justice! What a big girl. Its pictures where she stands next to my 5 year old for me to realize just how big she's getting!!}

{I love this picture...No other kid in that museum had a chance while the Jenson/Ashcraft clan was there. We took up the whole thing!}

After the Discover Museum Timmy and Brittany headed back to Vernal and Kevin and I went to Kaysville to spend the rest of Memorial Day with Paul and Cindy. Kristin came out for a week and although it was the only time we got to see her and her absolutely adorable little girl Claire, we were able to get a good family picture!

{Please excuse my daughters pose...Uggg. We'll have to photoshop that one:)}

The next day Kevin had to go home for work but I stayed to go into the City with my Mom. We went down to Temple Square and the Gateway.
{Khloe's new best walking buddy...Kollin and her Monkey. She FREAKS out when we put her in the stroller now so we pulled out the good ole' Monkey Pack. She thinks its so fun to take a monkey for a piggy back ride!}

{Me and Khloe in front of Temple Square.}

{We rode the City Train thing to Gateway. We walked around a little and had lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen (YUMMY!!!!!)!!}

{One of my favorite things to do in the city is take the kids to the water spouts at the Gateway. They simply LOVE it!!}

And that night my Mom and Colleen treated Stacey, Kim and I to a Pedicure and Manicure! It was sooo nice spending some time with just my Mom and Sisters. Something we don't do enough! And, turns out this was Kim's FIRST manicure and it was fun seeing her enjoy that!

Okay, so I'm leaving for Virginia on Monday so I'm going to be posting like crazy to get caught up before I go. Next is the Alpine Park in Park City!
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