Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hike to Jones Hole

My sister Kim has been staying with us for about 2 weeks so we've tried spending lots of time with family out here. Last weekend we went with Timmy's family to Jones hole. Its a fish hatchery with a great hike along the river behind it.

{I dont know if you can tell in this picture, but all those spots that look like ripples in the water are fish!! I've never seen so many fish in one spot. Really neat!}

Before we started hiking we enjoyed some lunch with the very irritating misquitos!! None of us thought they would be out already and they were seriously EVERYWHERE!! Each of us ended up with about 20 bites.

{I just thought this was a cute sight. We had quite the gang there!}

At the beginning of the hike Timmy took Jaxon in the water and lost his shoe. The entire time the kids were checking out the river to help him find it. Well, we never found it and he ended up hiking 5 miles with one shoe!!

{The hike was thru this canyon and it was just amazing views in every direction!}

{All the kids...minus Khloe and Alli}

{Khloe loved to help Kaylee find lots of flowers.}

Of course there were lots of chances for family pictures.

I know, I know...what the heck am I doing putting a picture of my little boys bare bum on the internet huh! I just thought it was too cute to pass up. One of the benefits of being a boy!!

{Kaylee was holding a lady bug}

{On top of a bridge crossing the river.}

We made it a goal to hike to the waterfall and turn around. It was about 2.3 miles to get there so the kids did awesome! They all had so much fun cooling off and playing in the water before we started our long hike back!

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Kristin said...

That looks so fun, hiking as a family. It was great seeing you guys while we were visiting. Take care!

Stacey & Kyle said...

Wow... you'd think that summer is just about over for you guys?? You all have been super busy having so much fun (I think I counted almost 8 different trips)... it's only June!! Now a trip to Virginia! What next? :) What fun memories you all are making! Love the pictures!!