Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Baby Shower and Flaming Gorge

Over Memorial Day weekend we had a baby shower for Stacey. We are so excited that baby boy Nielsen is going to be here in 2 months and wanted to help get her all prepared!

{The mommy-to-be!}

A few games we played were guessing the baby food in diapers...

...trying to be the first to suck a baby bottle out of a cube of ice...

...and a memory game with words that described pregnancy!

She got some awesome gifts from everybody including clothes, a bathtub, a swing, diapers and a stroller and carseat from my she has just about everything she needs!! We shared lots of laughs and filled an advice book with thoughts and feelings to help her get prepared. It was lots of fun having family together to celebrate such an exciting time for Stace.

I love these diaper cakes! I did a towel cake for her Bridal Shower and Stacey said she didnt have any toys for her baby boy so I thought this was a super cute way to give them to her.

On Sunday we drove about 45 minutes to Flaming Gorge, Utah. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!!
From every angle it was an amazing view.

There was a Visitor Center that allowed the kids to get a much safer and closer look!

They had lots of hands on things the teach the kids about all the animals that live in area.
{Sweet Brooklyn}

{At the local restaurant. Brooklyn, Mom, Kollin, Kaylee and Maddie.}

{Kooper, Kim, and Brooklyn.}

{Kevin, Khloe and Me}

Outside the restaurant there was a stocked pond for the kids to go fishing. It was a catch and release rule so we thought it would be fun. We saw lots of fish but we explained to the kids that they must have been full because they werent biting. It was fun to at least try!!
{Kevin and Koop}

{Brooklyn, Jaxon, Tim, Madison, and Kaylee}

{Goofy Kevin in front of the Flaming Gorge Dam}

The next part of the week we went to Salt Lake City. We spent a day at the Gateway and Temple Square and then another at the Park City Alpine Park (which was AWESOME!!!). So those pictures are next!!
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Utah Boating said...

Congrats to the parents to be. :) I enjoyed looking at your post. Flaming Gorge looks great. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy. :)

Kerry Haymore
Utah Boating Info

Stacey & Kyle said...

Well don't I just look so excited to be getting that stroller... bad timing for a picture I guess. It was the perfect shower, and you're right! I got a ton of great stuff to get me started. Thanks so much for being such a cute big sister and putting all of that together!! I had a blast!