Friday, May 29, 2009

Zoo Day and Family coming to town!

Well I have the past two weeks to talk about but am only going to do a little at a time.

Two weekends ago we headed to Salt Lake City and spent lots of time with family and playing around town. One of the kids favorites is visiting Stacey and Kyle so they can see their cats. I'm crazy allergic to those furry little things so its the only chance the kids get to be anywhere near them! As soon as we walk in the door the kids go running around trying to find them.

{Kaylee having a death grip on one so it cant get away! But what a sweet smile!}

The next day we went to the Hogle Zoo. I think this is the best zoo we have ever been to. Its big enough that you see lots of animals, but small enough where the kids aren't freaking out because their tired after we've only seen half the animals. A few years ago we went to the DC Zoo and all I remember about that place is the Orangutan that would climb on wires around the zoo and SOOO MUCH WALKING!!! It was way tooo big. So this zoo is defiantly a favorite! We just had so much fun!!

{Popping our heads out in the Groundhog exhibit.}

{Sweet Kooper}

{This was Khloe's expression the entire time! It was the first time she had seen animals besides dogs and cats. She was just in complete awe!!}

{The Kids got a kick out of this water fountain. I don't know if you can see very well, but Kaylee wasn't so sure about sticking her head in a lions mouth...even if it was for fun!}

{And my wonderful little navigator! Kollin wouldn't put this map down until we were walking out the gate. He did a great job and keeping us on the path and letting us know what was next.}

{At the park there. "Kollin the Turtle"}

{It was a little past nap time so this was the only way to keep Koop smiling!}

{These were on the way back to Vernal. I just couldn't resist catching Khloe messin with Koop while he was sleeping.}

{And she was just sooo proud that she got the straw stuck in her shoe. Little Goof!!}

Then last Thursday I was ecstatic to have my Mom and her wonderful friend Colleen and my Sister - Kim come to good ole' Dinosaur Land to visit. We got to spend lots and lots of time together with all the grandkids that are in Utah. Parks were the easiest so a picnic and outside games was what we did most.

{Kaylee up to bat.}

{It was fun watching my Mom play old 'skool games with them that I used to play with my cousins when I was younger. This is them playing Jump the River.}

{On Friday night we went to the Vernal Drive in and saw Monsters Vs. Aliens. All the kids piled up into the back of Kevin's truck and snuggled with lots of blankets.}

{Saturday night Mom and Colleen watched all the kids so Stacey, Kim, Tim, Brittany, Kevin and I could go out to this little Mexican place in town and go see the movie Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.}

We also had a baby shower and visited Flaming Gorge before the weekend was over, but I'll post those next!
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