Sunday, May 10, 2009

Finally catching up!!

Well everything that I'm posting happened over a week ago. I cant seem to catch up these days! I thought that the older the kids got the easier it would get...NOT the case! I'm going to try and catch up on some recent activities...

April was a crazy busy month with 5 family birthdays. I was exhausted by the time Kay's birthday came around (April 29th), so we decided to have it outside instead of at our house. It was a very low-key event, but a fun time with cousins! We met at a nice park outside of town and had some yummy pizza and cake and kaylee got some of the best presents a 4 year old could ever want!! I asked what theme she wanted this year and my sweet 4 year old going on 13 begged for Hannah Montana. I tried everything under the sun to get her to sway another direction and we eventually compromised with her bedroom colors...Pink and Orange.

(Opening presents. She had a Birthday Party at School that morning and wouldn't take that hat off all day!)

Out of so many things she had one particular thing she just asked for over and over again...I don't know if you've seen these at Wal-Mart, but every time we walked past it she would get sooo excited. We've been toying with the idea of getting a dog and Kaylee was just too excited that she wanted one of her own right then!

(After her little get together we went to watch Brooklyn play Softball and the kids played at the park.)

We then went home and did our tradition of popping all the balloons with forks.

The next day we went to the City for a few errands. Cindy took Kaylee shopping for her birthday which she just LOVED and ended up getting soooo many cute things We also got to spend an afternoon with Stacey and Kyle. We had planned on going to the aquarium but got there and saw a line out the door so we opted for the next best thing....BOWLING!!! Prego Stacey was sooo cute bowling with a belly but I promised not to post any pictures of her:( We always have so much fun going to the city...Its a great release from the small town feeling!


(Koop loved that vent that blew air out. If he wasnt bowling then this is where you'd find him!)

(Khloe wouldn't push the ball...she would ONLY kick it!)

(Our game went right thru the kids nap time and towards the end of the game Khloe let us know that she was a little tired! What a cutie-patutie!!)

(Even though Koops in the gutter and Kollin and Khloe are laying down, they're being so supportive of Kay...How sweet!)

Everyday I look at Khloe and am just amazed at how big she's getting sooo fast!! I cant believe that my baby girl is starting Nursery this month!!! YIKES!!! I have NEVER been without a child by my side at church for the past 5 1/2 years...I'm actually asking to be in Nursery because its just what I'm used to! This is my "Khlo Dog" with her absolute favorite thing in the entire world....SUCKERS!!!! She completely freaks out if she sees anyone with one and continues freaking out until she has one in her hands. They make an absolute mess, but I just cant resist that sweet face!

And this is just too cute to not post! Please, Please first go to the bottom and pause the music so you can hear all her cute little "Roo-Roo's". Khlo saw a dog and started mimicking in the cutest way possible!!

As soon as I find my memory card for my phone I'll post some pictures of the saddest, but happiest day of last week. (I'm a horrible mom because I forgot my camera but thanks to my phone I was still able to capture parts of it.) Kollin is graduating from Kindergarten at the end of this month and had his Kindergarten program last week. I don't think I've cried that much since I was pregnant last year. He had a part in the program and I honestly just lost it...they're just growing way to fast. So I'll have those on here soon!
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Katrina said...

What a fun and busy month!! Hailey's birthday is in a month and John and I decided that we were going to have her party at a park too! So Easy! So cheap! SO EXCITED!
I am thrilled that you are coming this direction! I would LOVE to get together with you. John works all day so it would be great to hit the beach. We'll have to work out the details!! Have a great day!