Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Family Night...

For family night this week the kids chose to have a super bubble bath party. So we found these markers that you can draw in the bathtub which they had a complete ball with!! Of course explaining to them that these are "bath" markers and we ONLY do this in the bathtub!!!!

Kollin snuck up on Khloe and got her good.

Tryin some bubbles for a bathtime snack...yuck!!

Our silly kiddos...

Khlo has gotten really good at the "cheese" thing. Quite photogenic she's become!!

Kaylee deep in thought...

And I just have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sweet Kaylee girl. Today she turns the big 4!! She's already made some changes to somethings around her because she's 4 now...She no longer needs a booster seat at the table and can now choose whatever she wants to wear everyday (I usually let her anyways...but she felt the need to make sure I understood that!!) I'll have a post on some of the festivities later, but for now HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kay Bug!!

Today is also our little neice Claire's Birthday!! Same day as Kaylee's how fun!! So a Happy Birthday shout out to sweet little Clarie too:) (Sadly we havent even met her yet but look sooo forward to it next month!!)

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