Sunday, April 5, 2009


...Kooper had a birthday!! My energetic 2 year old is now 3. He has been asking and helping me count down to this day for weeks.

His birthday was on April 1st but we thought it would be hard to get up with family and friends during the week, so we had a family party that night. He woke up to tons and tons of balloons and decorations. The other kids helped make his Birthday hat that he got to wear while we did our errands and Kooper would get a smile that stretched from cheek to cheek every time someone would wish him a Happy Birthday. A guy at Smiths even sang to him!

Kooper and the kids helped me make a Mickey Mouse shaped cake. I did most of the icing and the kids did the rest. They chose chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth...I think they did awesome!

This kid was just the happiest child on earth as he blew thru his presents...This is the outfit that Grammy in Virginia sent him. We were going out and he insisted I leave his pants folded so that everyone would see how his flip-flops lite up!

Nana and Papa gave him this golf set! I am proud that it has almost lasted a whole week...we bought it for the kids last year sometime and they preferred to use them as bats and weapons instead of golf clubs. It didn't last very long but so far so good!!

Then, this past week Vernal celebrated its 100th Birthday so the Dinosaur Museum had free admission. The kids have been beggin to go here but I refused to pay $6.00 per child!

Anyways...just a few pics -
Couldn't resist taking a picture of the decorated dinosaur...

Kaylee would NOT stick her fingers in their mouths but she still wanted a picture.

And, on Saturday we were soSOssooosoo excited to have Stacey and Kyle come from Provo, Timmy and Brittany and their kids, Erin Massey and her 3 kids, and Shantell and her 2 kids come over for a party to celebrate Koopers birthday. Complete chaos, but it was a blast!! All in all we had 21 people there!

Timmy is the kids play gym everytime...(yea thats him under those kiddos)

It has turned into a tradition in our house that after each birthday party we give the kids forks and let them run around popping all the balloons. Such a hilarious sight!

Classic balloon popping face...

And to end all the excitement...Khloe has this adorable shoe fettish!! Yea, at 16 months! She loves wearing shoes and most the time has a pair in her hands too. This was just too sweet to pass up - Sweet Khloe wearing Stacey's shoes!

Ta-ta for now!
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Stacey said...

Hehe... I love your kids.... so sweet and adroable!! They make me smile. :) It was fun to come see all of you again!

Debra said...

Wish I could have been there - the pictures are so cute - I'll see everyone soon - I can hardly wait! Happy birthday Kooper!!!!