Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pictures, Pictures, and more Pictures!!

I've been in quite the picture taking mode beware!

Wednesday night we took the kids down to good ole' Dinah Bowl...always a favorite and the kids end up talking about it for days!

I loved how Koop literally dropped the ball (instead of rolling) and sat there for the 5 minutes it took for it to get to the pins. But he didn't take his eyes off it the whole time!


Kaylee was so funny - she'd get so nervous after letting the ball go. We tried to explain to her that the bumpers are there for a reason...but this is how she looked every turn -

SCORE! What a cutie!

K, to explain this picture...if you layed on the ground you could see the ball coming up the machine! Kooper LOVED this!

Handsome Daddy and sweet Khloe.

A few times we gave Khloe a turn. She was awesome at pushing the ball...

But then she realized the ball wasn't coming back...

We had to chase her a few times!

Cheesy yea! But Kevin is quite competitive when it comes to games and rarely do I win so I had leave with some proof! And Khloe bowled for me a few times:) Love ya Kev! (order...Kollin, Kaylee, Kooper, Me, Kevin)

After bowling we went to McDonald's to have some of their $.25 ice cream.
Khloe was such a hit with the kids there....these two kids just followed her around the whole time.

Kooper and Kaylee shooting some hoops.

Kays ice cream mustache.

Khloe sliding all by herself...she's just getting soooo big!

Kaylee has decided that she wants to do tumbling instead of ballet so we've been practicing her cartwheels and round offs a lot lately. I couldn't get the shot in time but she can finally get her feet completely straight above her body!

Then on Thursday it was such a beautiful day we just had to go to a park!
Kooper on the zip line.

We kinda felt bad about taking all the swings, but I guess that's what happens when all 4 of your kids want to swing at the same time.


Whoa!! Check out my big girl!!

I'm not sure if Khloe likes the swings...what do you think???!!

My beautiful girls!

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Debra said...

Wow Christy you do a great job keeping up with everyone. The Kids are adorable - I want to see my grandkids!!!! Give all my love!