Friday, April 24, 2009

A little Update - and some Easter Pics!

I know these pictures are almost 2 weeks late, but its been a little hectic and busy around the Ashcraft house. Some exciting news on our end - Kevin got accepted to Utah State University and starts full time beginning in May. He's wanted to go back for a long time but it just didn't seem possible while raising 4 kids.

Well, about two weeks ago the drilling company that Kevin was working for cut back their Utah division and had to lay a lot of people off, Kev being one of them. Now any other time we would have picked up everything and moved to a larger city to find a job, but seeing that we bought our home last year it made us (in a good way!) "stuck" in Vernal. We thought this was the perfect opportunity for Kevin to go back to school full time. We are sooo excited for this new adventure for Kevin and even though its completely screwed up my cleaning schedule (why is it when husbands are home - nothing gets done???!!), I've loved having him home everyday!

So before I get going about Easter weekend here's just a couple cute shots...
Khloe's new favorite hiding spot. She'll either get in with the clothes or throw them all out before she gets in. This time Koop joined her.

Future rock star!

So Easter weekend we headed to the city to spend it with Paul and Cindy.
Doing the egg dying thing.

Heading off to of the few times a year we get a family picture!

Kevin and Khloe.

Our beautiful (and handsome) kiddos...

Picture with Papa and Nana...

After church we went to Kevins Grandparents house for an Easter egg hunt.

We had to eventually stop Kaylee because she was picking them up too fast.

Kyle helping Kollin find the Golden Egg...

WHOOO HOO...A dollar!!!

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter (and if you're in Utah we hope your enjoying this AMAZING weather!!)
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kristin said...

Love the update! Thanks! Your kids are growing so fast. Love the Easter outfits!!! So fun that Kevin is going back to school. What will he study?