Thursday, March 5, 2009

Weekend in the City

This is definitely a little late, but last weekend we took a much needed trip to the city. Mainly for dentist appointments for the kids and I and to get our car serviced, but had some fun in between!

One place we have really been wanting to take the kids is the Discovery Museum at the Gateway. Wayyy too expensive, but the kids did have fun. Khloe is just growing too fast...she could have been here all day putting balls in these holes and watching them be sucked up to the ceiling.

Kollin and Kooper jammin...

I just realized Kollin has his face all over this thing (YUCK!!!) but he loved being the crane operator.

And they had this real-life helicopter on the roof that they played make-believe in, kids imaginations are simply amazing! Kollin had Kaylee stay in the back to keep Khloe from bailing...she's keeping up with that one huh:)

Khlo was so sweet with these blocks. At home she stacks things, but I've never seen her so into building something...and such a cutie sitting on her knees like a big girl!

The only way she'll go down a slide without a deathly look on her face...

This was too cool-
There was this mini mart where the kids could go grocery shopping. Kooper of course took all the bananas...he has this freakish obsession with yellow!!

We had to practically drag Kollin from this contraption...He LOVES to figure things out and actually placed these pans and spoons in the right spots to make the ball bounce to the bottom. Way to go kiddo!

This wall was about as tall as us...we have a hard time not acting like kids when we're in a kid environment!

Kaylee was so excited about sitting on a horse...mainly because it was fake!!

Now, I don't know what to say about this place besides totally awesome!!!! We went down toward Orem to visit with Kyle and Stacey and took the kids to "Jump on it" (I think that's the name). Yea, a place that both kids and parents can enjoy!!! :) My darling Kaylee was just in heaven...of course on her own trampoline! She is in this beastly, but beautiful, 3 year old stage. Those boys couldn't take a step on her side...Kollin's testing the waters, oh how they love to bug her!

Who photographs well while jumping??? I swear I'm not trying to bite her (YIKES!!) but simply trying to get her excited:)

This was about the only time I could get a shot of Kooper. He is so quick, bouncing from one trampoline to another and then they had these bouncers set up for the smaller kids that he LOVED!! Man, we really could have stayed there all day!

Stacey didn't jump (not something you do while pregnant), so she watch Khloe so Kev and I could play;)
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Stacey & Kyle said...
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Stacey & Kyle said...

How fun! Your trips to the city should happen more often. :) As I was cleaning some things out yesterday, I actually found a coupon to Jump On It... 2 for 1 admission (Woops, too bad we didn't have that last weekend!) I guess it's an excuse for you guys to come down and go again. :) Sure was good to see you all!!

Debra said...

Wow someone has some cool business ideas that create lots of family excitement! I'm glad everyone is having so much fun - just wish I could be there with you!
Love you all,