Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Soccer Superstar

First I want to say Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for those who have responded so quickly with your emails! It just means I can make the switch that much faster!

Kollin's soccer league started last week and he is really having a BLAST! It has been so much fun watching him run back and forth and back and forth just laughing and running some more. Let me just tell you that he sleeps soooo good after his soccer games:) I get exhausted watching these guys. But crud...they have so much fun. Its been exciting for him living in a small town because he sees his friends everywhere! Walmart, McDonald's, even the Rec Center. He gets so giddy about it!

Anyways here are some pictures of his game tonight. It ended up being tied 2-2!
(He's #5 with the red shorts)

This was when it was his turn to goalie. He did awesome...actually blocked the ball a few times. Kev was at work so I had Kaylee, Kooper, and Khloe to watch so I didn't get a chance to take a picture of his "Goalie Stance"! Comical!! He has his hands up by his face like he's trying to scare somebody...geez, I'll get that one next time! But hey, it works:)

Little miss Khloe. Pain in the rear - my little love bug! She now runs, so she refuses to sit still anywhere! (Please excuse the pants...I'm pulling out the next size bin this weekend!)

Kollins personal cheerleader:) Sweet Kaylee.

I was thinking of going Private with our blog this weekend, so please, please, please if you haven't emailed me or left a comment - Please do!!!
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Debra said...

what do you mean? Make sure I'm included!
Love, Mom

Rachael Black said...

We want to be added to your private list! I love to keep up with you thru your blog. scrae@comcast.net

Steve said...

Keep me posted and add me to your list. The kids look great. Say Hi to bruiser for me!!!