Sunday, February 8, 2009

What a wonderful Sunday!!!

There have been very few Sundays where I leave Church feeling like I got anything out of it. Yesterday Kevin had to work so I had all 4 kids on my own and was so proud of myself for getting them all ready, still smiling and only being 5 minutes late to church.

Well, to make the story short I was fasting for a few things which makes it that much harder to pay attention to the talks (because all I can think about is food), and we have this AMAZING family who sits in front of us every week and totally takes care of my kids. Their teenagers love having Kaylee and Kooper sit in their laps which of course Kay and Koop just love, and their Mom loves holding Khloe. Well yesterday I walked into Sacrament with a bag full of goodies for the kids so I could try and have the Spirit with me as I was fasting just to find our row saved for us and this family with all their hands reaching out for my kids. I didn't have to do anything!! I listened to every talk, didn't have the Sacrament water spilt in my lap and didn't have to crawl under the seats to find Khloe.

Such a small gesture but I was so greatful for this family who without me asking entertained my kids and gave me the chance to feel the Spirit on a much needed day!

So, I cant believe its been a week since I put any pictures up. I've been taking the kids Rock Climbing a lot lately and its been so exciting so see each of them get higher and higher.


Check out my little Kooper!

Also, the circus came to town. Not anything close to the B and B circus, however it was enough to make the kids smile.

I must add...such a rip-off!!! We made a budget before we went just to get there and find out that each ride was at either $8 or $6 PER CHILD!!!! So the kids loved being so close to the elephants but no way was I paying $25 for them to ride in a circle once!

Each got to choose one activity that wouldn't break the bank. Kol saw other kids with Spider-man faces and he just had to get one too!

Kooper and Kaylee chose the ponies. As you can see, Kevin looks a little on the rough side...he came straight from work. But we were so happy he could join us!!!

Also, here's a few crafty things I've been up to...
My online obsession has instructions on making these Korker bows. I think they turned out pretty cute and were really fun to make!

And, Kollin has been asking for a job chart for a while now. He told me he wanted to earn his own money so I couldn't say no at Walmart anymore!! Go right ahead buddy!! I found this template on Crafting Chicks and had to add my own scrapbook paper and then personalized it for each child (took pictures of their clothes, toys and separate jobs). Then had them laminated so the kids can check off their jobs with a dry erase marker each day! We've done it for a few days and the kids are loving it...I am too!!! Its tough keeping up with 4 kids and a house, so any help I can get - you bet I'll take!

This picture I couldn't help but capture...All the kids watching Open Season 2...Even little miss Khloe sat there for about 10 minutes.

And last but not least...Kaylee was so excited when she got invited to sleep over at her cousin's Brooklyn and Madison's house on Friday. I'm so happy that she has some girls to make memories and grow up with!

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Stacey said...

Oh my goodness... are you little Ms. Molly Mormon or what! You're adorable little job chart, homemade with real pictures of their jobs. :) Very cute! I'm going to have to check out this website!

Debra said...

Wow Christy I think you are a molly mormon also - stacey I can see you doing that in a couple years - good thing christy is near to do the writing - ha ha