Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine Happies...

I love love love Holidays!! Just another reason to enjoy some scrap-crap! We're kinda on a tight budget right now so I thought the kids and I would have some fun making their Valentines. Kollin asked for Iron man...I enjoyed the movie and all but had no creativity with a Valentine. So him and Koop decided on Superman. These were super fun! I had the kids write their names and scanned it into Photoshop then added it to their invitation.

Kaylee's was a lot easier...all she asked for was a pink heart.

We then punched some holes and added a sucker...Wa-La!!!

GG Digital Designs has the best ideas this year! Who doesn't love big candy bars?!! These candy bar wrappers and bag toppers were sooooo easy to put together and were perfect for the kids school teachers and friends.

And little miss Crafting Chicks has done it again!! You can go there and find this bingo template and add some paper to personalize it. Tooo fun! Just laminate them and use some M & M's or candy hearts and enjoy. My kids LOVE it but we went thru wayyyy too much candy:) No complaints on my end!

Kooper had such a hard time yesterday as Kaylee and Kollin came home with a bag full of Valentines from school. He asked over and over when his party was going to be. Well at the Rec Center yesterday they told us that they were going to have a Valentines Day party today (Friday) and for Kooper to bring some Valentines for the other kids. He got so happy and started tugging on my pants to hurry home and make some Valentines. I love seeing him so happy and excited, oh he's such a sweetheart...this was after we got home from his party today!

Also, I've been dying to post on here the exciting news about Stacey and Kyle but have waited for her to put the word out first...on her blog she finally let the word out that shes PREGNANT!!! Yea!!! She's about 15 weeks along and Due on August 7th. Yea for babies:) :)
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The LeNeave's said...

You are so creative. I wish that I could be that creative. Love it!