Thursday, January 29, 2009

Birthday goodies and sledding!

(First...go to the bottom and pause the music. This video of Khloe is too fun - What is it about 1 year olds that make them so dang cute?!)

Kevin unfortunately had to work on his birthday so we only had about 30 minutes to open presents, sing, and have cake and ice cream. But after he left the kids and I had a lot of fun popping balloons and HILARIOUS little Khloe figured out how to make those noise makers make that gosh awful sound!

Kollin's so creative!

We had this snow storm come thru and I didn't really expect much because the past few completely missed us. Well, we got about 8 inches and then the snow drifts were waist high!!

So, after all that snow Tim knew the perfect spot to take the kids sledding.
Brooklyn...crud what a perfect smile (especially since she was close to full speed down the hill).

This was one of the few times Kooper went down on his own. He doesn't hold on!!! Crazy kid.

Me and Kaylee getting ready for a ride.

Kaylee loved to walk the sled half way down the hill and then run and jump. Its soooo fun seeing their different personalities.

Making a train.

Jaxon and Kooper.

We've had a good week but there's a side note on little Koops...So about 2 days ago I noticed his thumb was a little red, but didn't think much of it as Kooper seems to hurt himself often. Well, this morning he woke up crying about it and noticed his nail was turning yellow and it was more and more swollen. After a visit to the doctor we found out that Kooper has a Staph Infection in his Thumb. And its to a stage where he things that Koop will soon loose his nail. Awe!

So he's now on 2 different Antibiotics that he has to take at EVERY meal and they're having me crush certain vitamins into his food so he wont get the side effects of all the antibiotics! Poor 2 year old! Still as happy as can be though.
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Debra said...

Looks like everyone is having a wonderful time! I miss you all very much. I want to come see you but I can't because of work and being in our state window. I think about you all a lot. Love you!

Debra said...

Brings back memories of when all of you were little. We would go quite often up the canyon in Salt Lake - those were the days!