Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa visited the Ashcraft House!!!

There's was no mistake that Santa visited the Ashcraft Home. Its such a fun time of year having the kids so excited but beware, there's lots and lots of pictures...

So, Kevin is on a rotation where he's had to work every Holiday. Yea...Sucks!!! But luckily he was on the night schedule so he got home just in time to 0pen presents! So, Kev left for work at about 5:30 p.m. Christmas Eve and I was sooooo greatful that Timmy and Brittany came over to spend it with me! It was completely exhausting getting everything set up for 4 kids!!!! The excitement was definitely gone by about 2:30 a.m.! So here's how it went...

For the past 23 days I have lifted a child and changed this darn calendar! Hip Hooray!!!! As you can see the kids are pretty excited that Santa was coming in a few hours.

Kevins Mom, Cindy, gave the kids some Magic Reindeer Food (oatmeal!)to sprinkle on the lawn so that they could find our house! The kids would be heartbroken if they knew, but about an hour later I heard something outside and looked out the window just to find the neighbors dogs eating our reindeer food!! (Kaylee and Kollin are wearing these beanies that a friend made for them...they turned out sooo great!)

The kids and I made some yummy sugar cookies, decorated them and added some carrots and milk for Santa. (oh...side note - I don't know if you notice just how short Kaylee's bangs are but she has become quite the gum lover and fell asleep with it in her mouth! Yea, nightmare!!! I've never had to deal with this so the only thing I knew was to cut it out, right - wrong!! 3 different people have already asked why I didn't use peanut butter???? He he, never would have thought peanut and learn I guess!)

After that it was a quick story, prayer and off to bed! I had lots to do!!!

Here's the kids Christmas morning waiting for Kevin to get home.

And sure enough, Santa brought some goodies for the kids. This year our Christmas Theme (per-say) was indoor things. The winters around here are way too cold to go anywhere so the kids got a lot of crafty, colory, indoor things.

The kids have never had brand new bikes and that was one of the main things they asked Santa for!


Sweet Khloe got a wayyy cool bouncing, spinning zebra thing. She really gets a goin' on this thing.

She's at this stage where everything with lights and sounds just make her squeal! This phone my mom gave her and she didn't even give me a chance to get those dang wire things out before she snatched it from me!

Like I said before...this year they got lots of inside things and tons of games! This one was soo fun...5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the bed.

Kooper is our little sports nut...yea, at age 2!! He got this blow-up Tball set. He can hit it as hard as he wants and cant break a thing. Whoo-hoo!!

Our little Fancy Kaylee. For anyone who doesn't know about Fancy Nancy and has a little girl, you've got to check it out. My sister-in-law Brittany, told me about Fancy Nancy last year and I am totally in love with her!!! She loves to dress up and have fancy everything. Kaylee has me read at least one Fancy Nancy book EVERYDAY!!! So she got the complete F.N. set for Christmas. Tutu, boa, hat, shoes, dress, doll...she really is Fancy Kaylee!!

Lucky Ducks. Another awesome game!! If you have kids who are trying to learn shapes, this one is the best! We've played it about 5 times already!

So Kay's other thing was a doll house (that took me 3 hours to put together Christmas Eve!! Ugg...just the thought of that thing) and all the Disney Princess barbies to go in it. She and Khloe are soo cute as they play together with it. Actually, Kay plays with the barbies and khloe just likes to see how high on the house she can climb...little monkey!

After some wonderful presents we had our traditional breakfast...Homemade biscuits and gravy for me and Cinnamon rolls for Kevin.

The kids and I playing the new Operation. They've actually "kid-friendlied" it. You can choose different levels depending on the age of who's playing. It doesn't buzz as easy and has new things like boogers, cell phone, toilet, bird...things that are much easier for kids to get out.

Our family has been extremely blessed this past year! I cant believe how fast my children are growing and am excited for what 2009 will bring! I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and has a safe Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!!
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Kristin said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year you guys! We love and miss you and glad you had a great year. Take care!

Stacey said...

How fun!!! I can't wait to have enough kids so Santa will treat us that well! I had to double take with Kaylee, some "fancy" new bangs! Can't wait to come visit in January! Have a Happy New Year!