Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Jammies and Gift Exchange

We had such a wonderful night last night!! It all started with the kids opening their Christmas jammies...Kevin had to work last night so we opened them before he left. The kids have been bugging me for so long for some slippers, and we aren't so into all the character things so I found some this year that came with and matched the jammies.

Khloe...One of my friends, Chantel, made these beautiful beanies for the kids and Khloe LOVED it! She was sportin' it all afternoon!

Gift Exchange with cousins!

Tim and his family came over last night for some yummy treats and a gift exchange between the kids. They've been dying to open some presents so of course they were completely ecstatic!

Handsome Jaxon.

We got Timmy and Brittany's kids the game Perfection and it was a huge hit.

This is such a priceless picture...Kooper and Jaxon kept making it pop over and over again and got laughing soooo hard! What cuties!!!!

I have LOTS of "Night before Christmas" and "Christmas" pictures but Santa flew solo last night (meaning I was on my own...) and was up 'til 2:3o a.m. making things and setting things up. And then had a SUPER fun day figuring out and playing with new toys so I'm exhausted!!! I'll have those posted tomorrow night. Until then I hope that everyone had an Amazing Christmas!!
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