Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Years

This past week has been a busy one! It all started when Paul and Cindy came the Monday after Christmas to bring the kids some presents.

Here's Kollin playing with his present...this car drives on the wall!! Honestly its a little freaky, reminds me of a huge spider or something.

Khloe, all colored with candy-cane enjoying her singing purse.

We went to see the rig Kev works on. I've seen them on TV but they are really amazing in person.

Then the next day as Paul and Cindy were getting ready to head back to Salt Lake we made a quick and spontaneous decision to spend New Years with them in the city. So they took Kol, Kay, and Koop back with them so Kevin and I could pack and later come with Khloe. When we got there Kevin and I went to Olive Garden with Paul and Cindy and I have to say that distance sure does make the heart grow fonder!!! We haven't been there in a good year and it was no less than amazing!!

And, although it was kind of a mini-screaming fest we managed to get her first pig tails in Khloe's hair.

Cindy always does the best New Years dinner and treats. For dinner she did Marinara and Alfredo Fondue with meatballs, cheese sticks, sourdough bread, shrimp, chicken nuggets...mmmm!!

Then for dessert we had Chocolate Fondue with bananas, apples, marshmallows and pound cake.

Kooper loving the chocolate bananas!

Then the kids made some candy necklaces and obviously Khloe was in heaven. Let me just tell you it wasn't as heavenish when we took it away!

New Years Eve the kids played Operation all night and Kevin, Cindy and I played "Ticket to Ride" a couple of times.

At 9:00 p.m. we had a kids celebration outside so we could put the kids to bed. I'm sure the neighbors loved a little banging on pots and screaming Happy New Year!

I think for the first time we've made some resolutions this and are excited and eager to accomplish them before next year! We hope that everyone had a wonderful and safe Holiday Season! Happy New Year...
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