Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas time in Vernal!

I know you're probably sick and tired of seeing pictures of my kids in snow...so I'll throw a few other ones in first :)

Tim and his family came over Monday night to play and sweet little Allie was wide awake and adorable as ever!!

The kids made some seriously cute hand stamped reindeer's for the tree.

Kollin has been so sweet this Christmas! He's made special gifts for Kaylee, Koop and Khloe and has wrapped all of them himself! Such a sweetheart!!!

Oh my....Santa comes TOMORROW!!! Yea!!! It has been soooo cold around here and everyone is saying that the worst isn't even here! A huge plus though...we usually dump about $100 in winter shoes for the kids and just haven't gotten around to it yet because they have been living in their $15 snow boots!!! Theres too much snow on the ground for shoes so everywhere we go they just wear their boots! Awesome, no shoe tying or velcro's...makes getting out of the house so much easier!!

I'm telling ya...Vernal is the most wonderful place at Christmas time! I love driving down Main Street at night time. Its about a 2.5 mile stretch and EVERY single light pole has lighted garland and huge snowflakes on top! I tried taking a picture but I guess it was too much light for the camera.
The kids and I went out tonight to check out all the beautifulness of Vernal right now. The middle of Main Street has this huge dinosaur (that's Vernal's thing...dinosaur land?!), anyways they have decorated it every holiday and this is the best yet. They have about 10 huge blowups that the kids freak out about every time we drive by and they've turned the dinosaur into SANTA!! Complete cuteness!!!

We went to Cobble Rock Park and the snow was so deep that it went up to their knees! They loved it!

The kids were such troopers considering that it was charming and glorious 5 degrees outside!!!

We then went to the library and county offices where they have tons of lights. Horribly dramatic...all 3 of the kids couldn't walk in the deep snow so they each fell face first at different times. After bribing them with chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate we amazingly made it back to the car!!

Sweet Khloe enjoying the lights!

Tim and his family are coming over tomorrow night to have a little gift exchange! This is our first Christmas in our own home and these are such treasured moments that I love with my kids and I know will be gone too soon!

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