Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend Fun!

This past weekend we had lots of fun! Friday we had all of Tim and Brittany's kids over for a slumber party. These guys play so great with each other and Kaylee just loves having other girls around.

The kids playing on the stairs...I know, not the safest but they had a blast!

Enjoying a movie...I couldn't believe all 6 of them sat and stayed that way until "Kung Fu Panda" was over!

Then on Saturday we were invited to Makade's (Brittany's Nephew) birthday party at the rec center. We played pin the tail on the donkey and "somehow" Kollin got it right on the tail!! He promised us he couldn't see thru the mask so he's definitely a pro at this game! He wasn't feeling so well all day so this really made him happy!!

Kooper loving some chocolate cupcakes.

The Rec Center blew up this huge bouncer for the kids (and some of the adults!!)
Kooper and Jaxon.

Kaylee taking the plunge!

Khloe trying to find a way in:)

We tried to get all the kids to go at once. I was a little nervous to let go of Khloe, but she ended up loving it! Thanks Makade for the invite. Happy Birthday!!

Kevin had to work this past week so yesterday the kids and I enjoyed some good ole' Wii. It was the first time I put Khloe on the couch and she was absolutely adorable and sat there all by herself!

Kollin playing the Wii Fit walking across a tight rope.

Kooper dressed as a penguin catchin some fish.

It was a really fun weekend but the best part is that Kevin is now off for a week!! Yea!! We're starting our Christmas shopping this Whoo-hoo!! I love this time of year:) :)
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