Sunday, November 23, 2008

Trip to the City

Kev had off this past week so we thought it was the perfect time to get away and take a trip to the city. There's lots of beware!

The kids were completely ecstatic when we decided to do the Chuck E. Cheese thing for dinner. Its been a little over a month since they've been anywhere this exciting. Vernal just doesn't have these yet.

Kaylee and Kooper skee-ballin'. I had to keep an eye on Kooper...he loved to walk up and take other people's skee-balls and I have to say that he was the best ticket collector of all times. So many kids would leave their tickets after playing the games and Kooper didn't hesitate grabbing them. I know its on the line of taking something that doesn't belong to him...but hey, its Chuck E. Cheese!

Khloe not so sure about why this truck is moving:)

So proud of Kaylee...she squealed with excitement after she won the jackpot on a game!! Go Kay!

Kooper knocking those teeth out...

The next day we met Kyle and Stacey down in Lehi and went to the awesome Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. They have the best hands on exhibits for the kids!

The three digging for dinosaurs.

Khloe's first experience squeezing sand:)

They have this area where the kids can use paint brushes to dig thru the sand and discover bones! Kaylee really loved this part.

Some sort of lizard, dinosaur thing...

After traveling for so many years, our kids have truly become pros!! They do such a great job that the 3 hour drive really was nothing!
Khloe enjoying some yummy licorice.

At Chuck E. Cheese the toy that Kaylee chose was of course a purse full of make-up! During the drive Kollin told me to turn around and check out Kaylee...Woe Kay!! I think we need some lesson on WHERE you put lipstick:)

Today was Stake Conference...and please don't judge me, but that means a Sunday at home. Last Sunday I had all the kids at church by myself and Sacrament is plenty for 4 little kiddies; so today we enjoyed family time...

Kooper is a master egg breaker. We made some yummy chocolate chip cookies.

Khloe just wishing she could fit more in her little mouth.

Once again...WOE KAY!! Lets just say that our couch and Kaylee's hair do not get along!

We're not going to have much of a Thanksgiving this year so we've already begun our Christmas decorating. The kids love it however, its been really hard for them to understand why we're decorating for Christmas but Santa's not coming for another month...looks like its time for some sort of cute crafty "Christmas Countdown".
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