Thursday, November 13, 2008

Finally on-time and other happenings...

Since we got here my biggest struggle each day was getting Kollin to school on time. It is the first time he's ever been in morning school and I was shocked when they told me he had to be there by 8:25 a.m.!!! Yea right...on the weekends I'm lucky if the kids are eating breakfast by 8:30, so this seemed like an impossible task.

Well yesterday when I was signing Kollin into school (because he was late) he asked me if he could be on time tomorrow because he's always the last one to class. Ouch!!! He is the only one that is actually ready on time each day, probably because he dresses himself. This to me was a rude awaking that I am a LATE mom! So this morning I woke up a little earlier got each kid dressed, teeth brushed and was out the door by 8:10 a.m.!!! Success. Kollin was so excited to pull up to the school and see the kids still playing at the park. So Hooray for on time day!!!!

Kaylee has started her Ballet Class and of course is completely loving it! Its so sweet watching her be in her own little world out there with other girls her age. She doesn't have to worry about brothers bothering her or sharing her toys...its just her and her cute little bum dancing around the floor.

She loved how the tap shoes made so much noise.

Also, like so many other people right now we were ALL sick last week. Lots of coughing, groddy noses and a ridiculous amount of bottles of medicine. So we spent lots of time hanging out watching movies on our new couch. Yeah!!! I don't know if its the fabric or because its new but the static was out of control. The kids laughed for hours about shocking each other.

Check out that hair!!

And this picture was so gross because of the gunk in (and around) her nose but I couldn't resist posting it. (to help with the nastiness I blurried it a little). Look at those lips...ahhhh, what cute lips!

My little Khloe got it the worst. She still has a temperature and is up all night coughing and wheezing. It may be horrible to say, but its been kinda nice all the kids being so sick. I have loved how cuddly they've been that past week. They are such active kids that they don't like to sit we took advantage of it big time!

And last we got a little dusting of snow the other day. Not enough to go crazy but just enough for the kids to beg to play in. Kaylee did awesome, Khloe stayed in the house cuz she was sick and Kooper....oh, my Koop didn't like it one bit! He couldn't stand the snow being on his shoes and would stomp around the front yard crying because it wouldn't come off. :)

You see those tiny specs of white...well thats why he was so upset.

All in all life is good here. We're looking forward to a few trips to the city pretty soon and the kids are ecstatic about their cousins coming over for a super fun sleepover at our house tomorrow night.

(a few other pictures...)

Khloe has started walking with some help from me or a toy! She loves to stand and balance herself and is getting closer and closer to becoming a walking baby!!!

She loves and has mastered climbing onto things and it scares me to death! She climbs onto the dining room table chairs and gets stuck. How do you baby-proof that (without taking the chairs completely out of the room!)

Her FAVORITE cabinet...and my biggest chore!!! How can I resist such a cute face though?!

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Denise Jenson said...

I have to say you have the most adorable family. The kids are absoultely precious. They look so happy all the time, Mommy and Daddy are obviously doing something "Right"!

Debra said...

Kaylee looks so beautiful and so grown up in her dance outfit. All the kids are so cute as always. Give all my love.