Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Festivities!!

Oh my what a week we've had...lots of different "Halloween" activities that helped the kids enjoy this exciting day!

On Tuesday the Library had this awesome special Halloween story time with fun stories that the kids were able to join in after making some big-green-monster masks! Kaylee and Kooper loved this. For the rest of the day they would hold them in front of their face until you said "Go Away Big Green Monster"!

And then of course they burst into laughter...oh so cute!!

Before I get into anything else here are the costumes that the kiddies chose this year. Back in August we weren't quite sure where we would be living around Halloween so I didn't want to do anything too crazy and detailed. Well, walking thru the mall I saw these adorable costumes in The Children's Place and realized that I could be totally done with costume shopping in one stop! Stockings, hats...they had it all.

So without further ado...
Kaylee was a sweet and sassy witch (fits her o' so well!!)

My two handsome little men were cowboys!

And my sweet Khloe sat nice and cozy in a cute flower costume! She did awesome!! Didn't take the hat off all night...I think she was really loving all the attention she got!

So Kevin and I have dressed up on previous Halloweens however this year he had to work! Yea...the entire week, thru all the fun things we did he had to work the night shift which means he was gone all night and sleeping all day!! UGGG! Yet somehow we made it thru (well, I made it thru) three different "costume wearing" events! Yes that means I dressed the 4 of these guys 3 different times.

...Timmy and Brittany invited us to a fun Halloween Carnival their ward had and it was a little stressful but lots of fun!! They had bobbing for apples (which Kollin got all by himself!), fishing for goodies, face painting, cooking making, cake really was fun. So thank you Tim and Britt for thinking of us!!

And afterwards we got a picture of all the kiddos...from left to right -
Kollin, Khloe, Kooper, Brooklyn, Kaylee, Madison and Jaxon!

Our Second event was a Halloween Parade that the City offices held. The kids got to go Trick or Treating thur the building but it was once again a little stressful (kooper gets all excited and ends up running from person to person while Kollin loved to check out all the other costumes around him) so I only have pictures of before and after:)

Having a bag of candy to bribe him to get his seat belt on quicker has really been nice!!!!!

K, so I know this probably sounds mean but I couldn't resist!! Kaylee found a "Warhead" in her bag and asked me what it was. I realized it was an opportunity to see SUCH a funny face (because she is sooooo dramatic about everything) so I proceeded to tell her that it was just a cherry tasting candy...needless to say after a few seconds of it in her mouth she knew there was more to it than just cherry....(hehehehe)

And now the third dress up moment. Finally the real thing!!! My sweet, adorable kids!

With Kevin working I would have been lost being in a new city, new ward and not knowing what to do with my kids so I am SOOOO thankful that Tim and Brittany invited us to their wards Trunk or Treat (which is a life saver with such small children). They got TONS of candy!

Standing in line for uncle Timmy to give them some treats!

After Trunk or Treat the kids wanted to do a little door-to-door so we went to a small neighborhood where the houses are pretty close together. And when we finally got home the kids couldn't wait to dump out their bags to see what they got!

Khloe tried so hard to get the wrappers off and eventually gave up. Why not just stick the whole thing in there:)

Though stressful at times I'd say it was a successful week...about two big bowls of yummy treats, 4 new costumes that we can now use for dress up clothes and 4 beautiful smiling faces all in complete candy heaven!!

Happy Halloween!!
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Stacey said...

SOO FUN!! They all look so cool in their Halloween Costumes too! You're lucky you get to take part in all that candy! :) We don't have any kids to go trick or treating and bring us back candy! :( Hopefully you'll still have some left when we come to visit!

Debra said...

All my little grandchildren are so cute - wish I could be there. The pictures are so cute - thanks for putting them on the site so I can see them. I love and miss you all. Keep enjoying little moments like these- you'll treasure them forever.
Love You

kristin said...

Wow, you are one busy momma! Can't believe you did it...but your kids were cute and I admire your determination to make sure your kids have fun and make great memories! Keep up the great work!