Monday, October 20, 2008

Pictures of inside...

Okay~I know its a crappy way to start a post, but I have to say that our camera officially sucks! I have been trying to take some pictures of inside our house for like a week now and it seems every time I start my dang batteries die. I have been able to take pictures of other things, but as soon as I find the time, get everything cleaned up and get the camera out it decides not to work...Uggg! Anyways, here are a few shots that I very quickly took when it was having a good moment...

I'm going to start with the rooms upstairs. The girls in one, boys in another! It seems like we have another kid every time we move which makes if harder for me to get organized and fully decorated. But we're gettin there...

Girls room

Boys room

Open area at the top of the stairs.

Kids rooms and Hallway closets.

I was sooo excited to see the Washer and Dryer UPSTAIRS!!! In previous homes we had to lug all the clothes downstairs...load after load and then all the way back upstairs. So I was pretty excited about this small detail!

Master has a huge bathroom attached behind me with a big nice Garden Tub but my camera didn't like it and decided to die on me. So we're just going to imagine a picture of that one.

Another thing we really like about this place is that each room has a walk-in closet. Huge for us because we really have collected a lot of crud in the past 7 years and need as much storage as we can get!

K, heading downstairs...we haven't bought any gates yet and Khloe LOVES to test the waters on this one.

Our table is definitely sucking up all the space in the dining room. But there's nothing we can do about that...we need all the seats:)

Kitchen. I love how I can cook dinner and keep an eye on the kids at the same time.

We realized that we got rid of our couches after we moved back east a year and a half ago so THANK YOU to Paul and Cindy for letting us borrow two of their Love Sacs!

We LOVE the big garage that fits all our storage and our Sequoia...this has been GREAT for those cold~frosty mornings! (with room to spare for the train table...the kids and I had to fight for this one. Kevin's not such a fan of the big-ole bulky thing)

We are kind of secluded in the back of the complex and all the garage's line up to form this quiet alley way for the kids to ride bikes, run, or do ANYTHING that gets their energy out. A lot of people that live around here work during the day so its nice not having any fears of the kids getting hit.

We're still waiting on our blinds that have been ordered, but our curtains are doing pretty good for now.

I think we're really going to like it here. It is still a little weird not having certain stores and activities, but all the more reason to visit the city on the weekends! The kids are doing really good. We're loving the rec center and have been there everyday (except Sunday) enjoying the pool and the gym (with free daycare I might add). Kevin is doing great with his job and we're doing our best getting used to his schedule. I'll be posting some accomplishments about Khloe as soon as I figure out our camera, so check back soon for that:)
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Katrina said...

Love it!!

Anonymous said...

I love your new place, but most of all I love that you live close to us. It is soooo much fun having you here!! Britt

Stacey said...

It looks like you all have a lot of space! That's good for a family with so many little ones! Cool!