Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cheerleading Camp

The local High School hosted a Cheerleading Camp this past week that Kaylee did with her cousins Brooklyn and Madison. Kaylee and Maddie were in the same class and it was the cutest thing ever to watch them do these little cheers and dance routines!

Kaylee and Madison stretching.

I think this is such a sweet picture. The three girls really stuck together. (Brooklyn in pink, Kaylee in red, and Madison in green)

Kaylee doing one of the hip-shaking moves.

All ready to go to the game! (The "U" stands for Uintah Utes...the HS that was doing the camp)

It was absolutely FREEZING!!! Our hands were knumb the whole time and even had blankets that honestly werent helping at all. Suprisingly the kids were all in good spirits!

Finally...halftime. Brittany and I took the girls down to the field and my poor little freezing girl just lost it! She was tired, cold and I think a little nervous. I bribbed her with a sweet treat after she performed and it at least got her out there. She didnt move almost the whole time...a little clap here, a little clap there. And she wouldnt let me get anywhere near unzipping her coat to show off her cheerleading shirt! But I'm super proud of her effort!

Brookie doing her routine!

We are so proud of our three Cheerleaders!! They were soooo cute and did such a good job! What sweethearts!

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Debra said...

They are so cute! I can see them all becoming cheerleaders one day!