Friday, October 17, 2008

Ghosts and Bats...Oh My!!

One of the only times I buy Holiday Decorations is when their on sale! Last year after Halloween Walmart had all their stuff at 80% off and I went to town!! These little kid decorations were only .30 a piece. So we bought a few and have given some away, but the kids really had fun making some ghosts and bats! (you can easily make these with the smaller trash bags!)

They crinkled up some paper...Koops favorite part, stuffed it in the bag, twisty-tied and wha-la!

Kooper and Kaylee making ghost sounds...

It took a few for Kol to get the hang of it, but he finally figured out those dang twisty-ties!

Your supposed to hang them but it seemed funner (and easier) for the kids to decorate our front porch with their little creatures.

What a sweet picture...

Its been really funny lately as I've tried catching Kevin of-guard with some different Halloween creatures and Kollin has been right by my side:) Kollin has noticed how Daddy is not scared of anything...we just cant get him. So Kol came up with this great idea to save one of the bats and use it to scare Daddy when he got home. He hid it in his bed and when Kevin tucked him in tonight Kol threw it at him...Kevin was sweet enough to act a little scared. And of course Kollin threw it in my face that he can scare Daddy and I cant! He he, what a cute little boy!! Go Kol!
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