Friday, October 17, 2008

Fun in our new home!

K, well we've been in Vernal for over a week and I have to say that honestly its not as bad as I had thought! There aren't as many activities as the city, but hey-saving money never hurt anybody!! It has been SOOOOO fun opening boxes that I haven't seen in way over a year. Decorations that I forgot we had...everyday is the perfect day:) :) Khloe is definitely loving all the fun space and new hide outs!

We've registered Kollin into a great school. Although he's a little upset at me because I wont let him ride the bus to school with all the older kids.
He gets to ride it home because there's only Kindergartners, but there's a huge gap in age between him and everyone else! He's the type of boy who would sit in the back and get lost in that mess...I'm not having any of that! One day he'll get his chance. Anyways...

We've found a dance class for Kay and have also signed her up for a 3-day cheerleading camp! Their even going to perform at a football game sometime this fall. Fun!!!

Kooper is just taking it all in. The kids haven't seen their toys in over a year so its been like Christmas for him every time I open a box!!

And, Khloe...well she's just Khloe. Happy as can be!! I'll have another post about a few things she's been working on!!! SUPER exciting!!!

So its been completely AWESOME living so close to Timmy and his family. I don't know WHAT I would do if they weren't around! We've had lots of play time at our house and a fun BBQ at their house. Here are a few favorite pictures of some fun moments we've had.

K, to explain this one...she LOVES to put everything in her mouth so while on the farm I keep here behind closed doors! Sorry Khlo:) But darn, she looks as happy as can be!

They have this rope that the kids were lovin!! It entertained the for a good 45 minutes!

This is Brooklyn...Timmy's oldest girl. She AMAZINGLY climbed all the way to the top! Oh to be a child again:)

Kollin chasing the roosters. The kids thought this place was just the coolest.

I'm not sure what Kaylee is doing, but these are all the kids enjoying some yummy BBQ.

This was a huge hit...Tim took all the kids around the farm over all the bumps and they were in heaven! Like I've said a million times, its been so nice having him and his kids so close!

Loving the hair Brookie...

Its also been lots of fun having Halloween so close. We've done some fun crafts and of course some Halloween cupcakes to share with their cousins.

While Kollin was at school the youngins and I checked out the DI here. I couldn't believe that we found the game "Operation" with all the pieces! The kids weren't so sure about sticking these tweezers into this guy, so I turned off the buzzer and told them that nothing was going to happen...well the sweet little things believed me because I quickly turned it back on in time for Koops turn and he literally fell back out of his chair!!! Hilarious to say the least!!! This was after he got used to it. I was so proud of him...he actually got the doggy bone!

Luckily our home is back away from a busy road so theirs lots of room for bike riding!

And, it backs up to a field full of horses! I guess that beauty is a plus about the country!

Across the street is the Vernal worries, in the past two days there's only been a helicopter take off! Kay and Kooper were pretty excited!

Well sadly this next picture requires some explanation; so I'm going to TRY! He loves playing dress up with Kaylee and she insists on him wearing a dress. So I walked upstairs just to find him in the Island Princess dress with a net from the game Elefun on his you can kind of see from the background we have a little bit of an organization problem with the toys. Definitely a humiliating picture for the future:) What a cute little character:)

To save on space we decided to have Khloe sit at the big table with us. You can see in this picture that she is absolutely LOVIN it!!!

And last but not least...this has been our biggest chore lately - the garage! Its a big two car garage and has finally been cleaned out (minus being organized) so there's lots of room for Kollins train table. It drives him crazy but Khloe loves coming in and messing up his whole track. Just look at that face!!

Soon I'll have some pictures up of our place. I think the kids are doing really well due to all the change lately (thanks to lots of family and toys). Today we found this awesome brand new rec center about 2 miles from our house with a steal of a membership fee! They have a great pool/slide area and gym with that will help with our daily activities! I'll have a post up soon about Khloe...she's just on the verge of walking...but you'll have to wait for more of that!!!
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Stacey said...

Yeah! I'm glad that Vernal has turned out to be so much more then you expected! See... you didn't need me after all :) What a fun handful of kids! I can't wait to see everyone soon!

The Ashcraft Family said...

What!!! Craziest thing I've heard EVER!! Its the best being so close to my brother; but it would be even more perfect having my sister with me too!!! Get your butt out here!!! :) Love ya!!